Krauts Not Dead

3 years ago me an my girlfriend was walking by the tunnel below Waschaurstr. S-bahnhof in Berlin, when i heard these droney, repetitive, noise-trance-rock riffs and a monotonous drum beat.  Instantly getting my attention, we stood there (exact location of second video) with a few other random people, soaking it in.  I didn't want to leave but we had other engagements and for the rest of the night i couldn't stop talking about it, to the slight annoyance of my girl: "it was the PERFECT sound, right there on the street!"  i had no idea who they were at the time but was 100% certain that it was significant.

3 years later i find out who they are, and that they've been jamming with old school heads (3rd Video with Michael Rother and Kluster)
obviously not going to post their album because it is commercially available, only going to say if you have worn out all the old Faust and Neu! records like me, it is a god send.  

sorry about the formatting of this post, stupid blogger does not have their stupid shit together.  


Horatiu Radulescu - Lao Tzu Sonates / Piano Sonatas Nos. 2-4

Here is a first sign of life after rebirth: will just start posting things that i am enjoying immensely

This blog will be roughly about ethereal and listening music from the "West".  For more of a rhythmic focus and the global South, from ancient to modern, go to NGOMA SOUND.

And yes, i am breaking the "non-commercially available" rule with this post.  For you see, this awesome recording IS actually available for purchase on CD, for only $273.60, here (toward bottom of page).  So if you have a problem, go buy it.  lol.

Oh and i'm not certain this is the cover to this particular recording, as the Piano Sonatas don't appear on the cover?  Whatever.  Just LISTEN.



OCORA New and Re-posts

i promised to upload the entire Ocora catalog of 500+ recordings at one point, and i am a man of my word.  so it continues here.  check back for more.


Fusion Festival 2011 Video

when we started, Matchume just flew in from Portugal 2 hours before, and Congo from France the night before, and I had just played at Berghain the night before… so all 3 of us were running on zero to very little sleep. which might be reason that we forgot to bring a disc recorder to record off the board, so that’s why the camera stayed on the stage and didn’t move around this time, because it was attached to the sound board. also, the Camera man wanted to dance for the last hour, and stopped filming… which was too bad as that was the most amazing hour: 3000 jumping and screaming. But despite all this i’m still happy with the way it turned out.

NGOMA 11 - Northern Tropikal

this one is entirely diasporic, and includes no tracks actually made in the Motherland... read more, stream, and download here.


tonight and new blog!!!

tonight High Life Stockholme bringing THE FLAVORS, THE FLAVORS. to educate tropically THE RAVERS, THE RAVERS.

Musikguiden i P3 Med High Life No1 by High Life

Paloma Bar @ KottbusserTor
Skalitzer Straße 135; Kreuzberg; 10999 Berlin
Berlin, Germany

10 - 5AM / 1 euro only!


long over due, here is the official NGOMA blog:


soon everything Ngoma will be there, and i will continue to post non-dance abstract sounds here!



before the new program below starts, we will be bringing pure fire to a new location tonight! 10-4AM, FREE before 11!

skalitzerstr. 134 10999 berlin
Berlin (KottbusserTor), Germany


Ngoma Weekend

Thursday 14. July -- TONIGHT!
NGOMASOUND @ Das Hotel - Mariannenstrasse 26A. / 11pm - 4am / 3 EUR
tasty beer is not the only good thing coming from the Czech Republic, Ross the Boss of Sonic Africa will arrive from Prague to lay down the law on block rocking beats from the Ivory Coast and beyond! And as always, with wicked live percussion by Marcel!

and on Sunday:

Sunday 17. July -- Women's Cup Finals After Party @ Cassiopeia - Revaler Straße 99 / 9pm - 6am / free

live performance: SISTER FA (great rapper from Senegal!)
MARFLIX [Tropical Bass]
DJ ZHAO [Ngoma]


NGOMA 10 - Umlilo

Umlilo means fire in Zulu, and this mix takes us back to the Dirty South for a scorching ride through raw township sound. Exchanging smooth for ruff, Umlilo focuses on the connection between ghetto Rap and current Electro, between modern SA House and its Kwaito roots.

Futurism in Africa never disconnected at all from the body: sound design does not become a solipsistic end in itself (even though every timber and texture is perfection itslef); song form stays 100% intact in the electronic club music format; and the beats never bang on aimless and without purpose -- robust machine groove reinterprets but absolutely incarnates the magic and essence of timeless rhythmic tradition.

01 Dj Killer - Church Song feat. Chaka Chukwu
02 Big Nuz - Superman
03 Xavatha (Woza Chynaman)DJ Clock ft. Big Nuz, Tzozo & Sox
04 Big Nuz - Ungesabi (remix)
05 Zola - Khokhovula
06 Big Nuz - Izinja feat Tira and Tzozo
07 TKZee - Fella Kae
08 CNDO - Seducer feat. Tira & Big Nuz
09 Mgo - Yes
10 DJ What What - Unknown
11 Unknown - Woza Durban
12 Dj Sbu - Vuvuzela Bafana
13 Dj Vetkuk Vs Mahoota - Cina Feat. Dj Killer
14 Dj Skzi VS Big Dawg - Mbeleke
15 Dj Cleo - Egyptian Drum
16 B.O.P - Bop Killer [Featuring Zulu & Costa]
17 Dj Cleo - Akulalwa
18 Penny Penny & Joe - Nkosi
19 Mafikizolo - Sibongile
20 B.O.P. - Life' Iskorokoro
21 Dj Cleo - Ndizayitya Lemali

SINGLE TRACK VERSION download on the player above or:
media FIRE

coming soon


Shangaan Berghain this Thursday!

it is a new day, and change is coming. only 2 years ago who could have imagined Shangaan Super Groove Power and Ngoma Bass Action in the number 1 international temple of cold, hard, rigid and sexless techno?

// Date: 30 June 2011
// Venue: Berghain, Berlin
// Doors: 20:00
// Tickets: 15 € advance sale / 18 € box office
// Online pre-sale at Koka36


"It’s fantastic, best thing I’ve heard for a long time. It’s how music should be"
Karin Dreijer Andersson (The Knife)

Shangaan Electro is the street level dance phenomenon from South Africa that went global in 2010 on the back of a series of viral youtube clips (2 million hits and counting) and an acclaimed compilation on Honest Jon's that introduced the movers and shakers in this fast emerging micro-genre. Shangaan Electro replaces Shangaan music's traditional instrumentation with midi-keyboard sounds, re-pitched vocal samples and jacking four to the floor beats, then amps things up to breakneck speeds of over 180BPM. This is hyper-kinetic digital dance music custom made for weekly dance offs in Soweto, and it's getting ever faster...

This summer Shangaan Electro is hitting European festivals/clubs for the first time ever. Based on a Soweto street party, the live show will feature the stars of the Honest Jon's compilation – producer/mastermind and vocalist Nozinja aka 'Dog', the clown-masked Tshetsha Boys, alongside Tiyiselani, Nkata Mawewe and the fastest Shangaan dancers around.

Before an after DJ Zhao (Ngoma Sound System) and DJ Pete (aka Substance, Hardwax, Scion, Waxtreatment) will be spinning tracks fusing juke, footwork, sped-up reggae, kuduro, shangaan, kwaito, african house and more.

SHANGAAN ELECTRO - "KULUNGWANI" from s o u n d t r a v e l s on Vimeo.

"None of Shangaan Electro sounds quite like anything else we have at our disposal. Which, come to think of it, places it within a rich tradition indeed." - Pitchfork.com

"The music itself is stripped down to basics: synthesizer-produced marimba beats, high-pitched singing... But the most riveting aspect of the music is the speed." - The Wall Street Journal

"This is the cheetah of African music." - NPR Music

"Shangaan Electro is a small sign of an emerging future, improbable and necessary." - The Wire

right after... lol


[Glasgow] MZUKA BASS: June 24

DJ Zhao [Ngoma Soundsystem]
DJ Kokoro [Neo-Tokyo Bass/B.A.S.S.]
...Zeb Mcqueen [Jahtari] - vocals

on the Bass Warrior Soundsystem!
DJ Zhao brings classic and modern dance music together from all five continents, with focus on Africa. With in depth selections spanning wildly different time periods and locations, DJ Zhao’s remix and mashup work directly connects "East" and "West", acoustic and electronic, traditional and hyper-modern. Amateur ethno-musicologist and professional booty shaker, Zhao is an ambassador of boom not only talking about, but demonstrating through raw sound experience, the underlying unity of all earth cultures.

DJ Kokoro is a Glasgow based dubstep dj and producer, also running a crew called "neo tokyo bass" longside dj Endless and dj Crash.

TowerblockRockerz is a dj and vj from Glasgow, spinning diverse and heavy hitting grooves and making sick psychedelic visuals to go with them.
Zeb Mcqueen is a reggae and otherwise vocalist who has worked with many different artists and released on Jahtari Records.

Entry by Donation :£6 on the door..A proportion of any profits will got to buying beehives for Palestine.
BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE! (cans and plastic bottles only please..no glass)
As we are not licensed and can't sell anything at all make sure you bring sufficient supplies.We are adjacent to the 13th note Pub so you can get a drink there first!

Ngoma Sound Thursday June 9

this thursday Sonic badman Pushking Noize will be coming from Zurich to share with us his unique bass perspectives! his recent interestingly pitched down remix of the huge Ghanaian tune Azingele for Akwaaba Music was my favorite on the remix EP.

Azingele (Pushking Noize & Tillup Remix) by Akwaaba Music


May 12

Having just played with the Soul Jazz Orchestra, Dj Bongo (Colombia) confided in me on skype that he is on top of his deep boogie game. together we will re-enact the Afro-Caribbean connection: real life musical exchange and cross-pollination in real time. In other words, IT'S TIME TO GET FUNKY.


Ngoma for May

Kicking off May, we pair up a Berlin legend with a young champ. first part of the evening will be the hottest Afro-Latin and Balkan flavors, and the bass will drop in the second.

lots of exciting extra special guests from various parts of the world coming up in May and June!!! stay tuned!



@Das Hotel - Mariannenstrasse 26A

Zulu Electro / Tribal Guarachero / Cumbia / Kuduro / UK Funky

...APRIL 28 - DJ ZHAO + DOVECAKE + Marcel (percussion)
Special SHANGAAN FOOTWORK Action from Mozambique and Chicago!


come celebrate Spring with the sweetest and toughest rhythms from all sides of the multiverse: both heavy classic boogie and tech-soul floor killers.

an intimate club with great sound and no neighbors... see you on the dance floor!!!

Thursday 30 April @ Sketch Club: Ngoma Bass for Merano, Italy, in the beautiful mountains, Giorgio Moroder's home town.

Thursday 5 May @ Visionario Cinema: Ngoma Deadly Venom will MURDER the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy. 10 PM - 4AM

Friday 6th of May will be shaking the foundations at YAAM starting around midnight until 4PM the next day, alongside Silent Pressure, Marflix, and Sun Fire Sound. BOOYAKASHA!



this week we welcome special guests Boom Brothers on the wheels of steel, bringing you sweet ass afrocentric grooves deep into the night. for guest list action leave a comment here.

photos from the first 2 events:


Radio Ngoma 9: NGOMA Technologies™

Afrocentric Tech-Soul.
Radio Ngoma #9 Ayoba Technologies™ by reboot.fm

01 Ngoma Sound intro/Dj Cleo - Good Deep Music
02 Cooly G - Love Dub Refix
03 Amazon - River Run
04 Dj Cleo - Unit 5
05 Julio Bashmore - Around the World
06 Boy 8-Bit - Baltic Pine (Greenmoney Baltic Porn Bootleg)
07 Julio Bashmore - Around the World Batak Groove (Reprise)
08 Mr. FM - Dragon Fly
09 Black Coffee ft. Zakes Bantwini - JuJu (Hao and Atjazz Deeply Minded Mix)
10 Dj Djeff – Elegom Bounsa feat Maskarado (Filipe Narciso Deepduro Mix)
11 S.Chu - You Got Me (Ft. Xara)
12 Rhythmic Elements - The Offering
13 Banana Clipz - Push Am
14 Jamie George - Flying Saucer (Roska's Crop Circle Mix)
15 Dj Tira & Bubzin - Beat Goes On
16 Siji - ijo (Original Vox)
17 Fisherman - Too Far Away
18 Ophex - Rainforest
19 Geoffrey Oryema - Piri Wango Iya (Boddhi Satvas Ancestral Dub)
20 Balani - Marimba Solo VS Jamtech Foundation - Too Fast
21 Nathan Soul - Hey Makarimba (instrumental)
22 Breach - Man Up
23 Unknown - Unknown
24 Mgo - Yes
25 Big Nuz - Umlilo
26 Skepta Feat. Jay Sean - Lush (Fuzzy Logic Remix)
27 Dj Mbuso - Soweto Funk
28 Mafikizolo - Unknown
29 Nutty Nys - Nka Modira
30 Dj Siyanda - Unknown Gospel Song




APRIL 14 - DJ Zhao + MARFLIX (Tropical Bass/Faluma)
APRIL 21 - DJ Zhao + special guest TBA
APRIL 28 - DJ Zhao + DJ Dove Cake (DoveCakes)
MAY 05 - DJ Zhao + special guest TBA

come celebrate Spring to the sweetest and toughest grooves from Africa, Asia, Arabia, Balkans,and the Caribbean. RSVP HERE.

an intimate club with great sound and no neighbors!!! drinks pouring all night long...

see you on the dance floor!!!


FUSION 3: house of Eshu


In Yoruba spiritual traditions (contemporary Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria) as well as its descendant Afro-diasporic faiths like Vodou, Santeria/Lukumi and Candomble, Eshu is an important Orisha.

The divine messenger between Gods and Man, Eshu is the gatekeeper, protector of travelers, guardian of the Crossroads, offering choices and reveals possibilities.

Often identified by the number three, and the colours red & black, Eshu represents the balance of nature, Day and night, creation and destruction, old age and youth.

Yet more than conduit between this and other worlds, Eshu is also a spirit of Chaos and a devious trickster, playing games and serving up mischief with the ultimate aim of waking people up and teaching them lessons.

So, in the spirit of Eshu, FUSION 3 represents the balance between traditional and modern, "east" and "west", listening and dancing. This mashup album stands at the crossroads between the musical worlds of Yoruba talking steel drums, Cuban piano, Indonesian Gamelan, Cameroon Mbira (thumb piano), Black Panther poetry, South African Jazz, etc., and the House and Techno club sounds of today.

I think it will play a few tricks on minds which insist on seeing the world in discontinuously separate compartments.

01 [Nigeria/Germany] Etubom Rex Williams - Uwa Idem Mi <> Maurizio - M1
02 [Pan-Africa/USA] Guem & Zaka - L'Abeille <> Oasis - One
03 [Indonesia/Cuba] Django Mango - the wisdom of the fool <> Fast Vision Soul - Babatunde
04 [Burundi/South Africa] Chant d'enfant accompagne d'un arc musical umuduri <> Spikiri feat. Hugh Masekela - Spiyanko Bonus Beats
05 [Nigeria/UK] Wahabi Arowoshila - Gbogbo Musulumi Ododo (Fuji) <> Hector and Bryant - Tension
06 [Cameroon/Germany] Frances Bebey - Africa Sanza <> Basti Grub - oma vovo
07 [Cameroon/UK] Frances Bebey - Bameda <> AudioFly - Sweeter Than
08 [Indonesia/Germany] Sambasunda - Sumimaula <> Liapin - BlackMamba
09 [USA/Italy] Sarah Webster Fabio - Glimpses / Nigger Sweat <> Double Dash - Mas
10 [Nigeria/UK] Madam Mujidat Ogunfalu & Her Waka Group - Ololo Nise Awo Won Ni <> Chris Wood and Frank Leicher - Into the Jungle
11 [South Africa/USA] Ricky Rimbiandarison  -  Imamohamana Dry (The Wake Up Drum) <> Cpen - African Jack
12 [Ghana/USA] Charles Kofi Amankwaa Mann - Funky Hi-Life <> Yonurican - Lucha Machete (Ricardo Miranda Drum Mix)
13 [Mali] Oumou Sangare - Yala (Zhao Fix)
14 [Ghana/Netherlands] Guy Warren - BUILSA <> Gregor Salto - Classic Beat
15 [USA/Nigeria] Sarah Webster Fabio - Boss Soul <> Osunlade  -  Native Tongue
16 [Mali/Sweden] Ahmed Fofana - Balani <> Jamtech Foundation - Too Fast (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
17 [Ethiopia/Germany] Bole 2 Harlem - Home <> Booka Shade - Hide and Seek In Geishas Garden


bigup This Is Africa for posting this!


Radio Ngoma 8 - Trans-Atlantic Rhythm Passage

This Saturday another Ngoma Super Session!
Cake Club Kottbussertor
Oranienstraße 32
10999 Berlin

following the musical diaspora from Africa to the Caribbean and back again, the story of Rumba is one of the central narratives of modern music. This edition of Radio Ngoma explores amazing sounds from places like the Congo and Nigeria to Haiti, Guadalupe, Colombia -- Soukous, Afro-Funk, Tropical Disco, Cumbia -- timeless rhythms to warm the heart and move the feet.

Dj Zhao - Radio Ngoma 8 Transatlantic Rhythm Passage by reboot.fm
click aarow on right side of player to download, or use this

01 Intro / Mulatu Astatke - Mulatu's Hideway
02 Issa Juma - Ateka
03 M'pongo Love - Basonguer
04 Syran Mbenza - Adjoa Sawale Mbanda Kazaka
05 Bozi Boziana & Jolly Detta - La Reine de Sabah
06 Charlotte Mbango - Dikom Lam La Moto
07 Kanda Bongo Man - Zing Zong
08 Coupé Cloué - Bel Ti Ange
09 Les Kilimambogo - Sarah Ngungembeti
10 Kakai Kilonzo & Les Kilimambogo - Ngungu Na Muoi
11 Orchestre D.O.7 & Shirati Jazz Giko Piny - Nyiego Thiro Oganda
12 Makasi - La Vie Ya Lelo
13 Makasi - Mbati
14 Sofrito & Tropical Treats - Rift Valley Groove
15 Moussa Doumbia - Keleya
16 Manu Dibango - Souk Fiesta
17 Kabbala - Ashewo Ara
18 Shina Williams & His Arican Percussionists - Agboju Logun
19 Sofrito Specials - Tabou For the People (feat. I. Barrabas)
20 Fair Nick Stars- Arrete Mal Parlé
21 Ti Celeste - Popilation Basse Terrienne Au Abois
22 Frente - Cumbiero Pitchito
23 Corraleros Del Majagual - El Ascensor
24 Corraleros De Majagual - Los Sabanales
25 Los Golden Boys - El Elevao
26 Afrosound - El Eco Y El Carretero
27 Camille Feruz - Cha Cha Cha Bay
28 Los De Abajo - El Indio (Macaco Rmx)
29 Tiken Jah Fakoly - Ma Cote d'Ivoire

people who i KNOW have never heard Congolese Rumba before deep in the groove... dance floor packed until 6AM!


England / Ireland - MAY

will be around Dublin, London, etc. during the month of May, open for bookings.

if you know anyone who might be interested in my classic, modern, and mutant Afro-Asian-Tropical sound please let them or me know!


Konono and Ngoma Cakes Next Week!

really excited to play after Konono No. 1 in Leipzig next week. following their eyes rolling back, bodies epileptic ecstatic energy levels, going to be dropping a 2 hour set of 140+ BPM Proper Banging HARD STYLE African dance grooves both classic and modern.

and 3 days before that, something local and much more low-key, will be doing another groove session at Cake Club. this place is always jumping even on Mondays... will be joined for the first time by MC Galina, we're going to be rocking in relaxed mode all night long.


Radio Ngoma 7

After the Valentines Day Love-Mix, the mood swings all the way back: 2 hours of dark and heavy doom-step with lots of Arabic, African, and Asian flavors -- from last friday's show on Reboot FM in Berlin. Against both political oppression and cultural hegemony: RESIST!!!

catch me first friday of every month from 12-2AM (Berlin time), streaming worldwide at www.reboot.fm

Radio Ngoma 7 Global Dub Resistance (2011-02-11) by reboot.fm


01 intro
02 Wedge - Overfiend (Gatekeeper Remix) / Eardrum - Nightblind / Mala - Miracles
03 Amina Alaoui - Itimad / L-Wiz - Smogged
04 Gargamel - Hotwax
05 23 Skidoo - G-2 Contemplation Dyed Dark / Marc Ashken Roots Dyed Dark (Skream Remix)
06 Sully - Flickers
07 Takahiro Kawaguchi & Shinjiro Yamaguchi - Hello / Guem - Viagem
08 Guem - Le Cedre / Johnny Clark / Mala - Sinners
09 Ahmed Abdullah / Steve Reid - Lions of Juda / Ramadanman - Revenue
10 coki - warlord_riddim / Andy Moor - From E to F
11 Mala - Left Leg Out
12 Muslimgauze - Red Snow
13 Substep Infrabass Monotonium / Unknown - Morrocco
14 Black Sun Empire - Cold Crysis
15 S.N.O. - Disturbance
16 Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy - Immortal Egypt VS Quest & Eskmo - Speakers Corner
17 Zen Militia - Pull of Guilt (Scuba Remix) / Unknown - Unknown
18 headhunter-prototype
19 Benga - The Cut
20 Sir Richard Bishop - Blood Stained Sands / Tunnidge - Face Melt
21 Therapy - Innocent X
22 Badawi - Anthrax Sandwich
23 Badawi - Evocation
24 RSD - Forward Youth
25 Grimelock feat Alchemyst - Test Your Mind
26 Eric H - The Lights
27 Danny Weed - Gator Riddim
28 Dub Collosus - Yeka Sub City Rockers
29 Dub Collosus - Azmari Dub
30 Mada Nile - Look!!
31 Robert Lee - Too Much War


NGOMA 8 - Saudade

Historically the Afro-Caribbean connection has produced so much amazing music about romantic love. Particularly, Angola and Cape Verde has developed specific strands of musical expression which focus on a special feeling: that of loss and longing, of desire and nostalgia, of love mixed with sadness. (an example most are familiar with would be the Cape Verdean Morna artist Cesaria Evora) I firmly believe that the best love songs in the world are actually about not having it, and this mix is saturated with this vibe: hearts and lonely hearts roll into one.

Since Zouk arrived (back) in Africa from the Guadeloupe and Martinique islands, where rhythms and melodies of the African "expats" mixed with Rumba, Calypso, Gwo Ka, Compas, Reggae, and even Salsa (and where they must have looked across the ocean with infinite longing for home), it has since been influenced by another deeply emotional music: Portugese Fado. Long story short, during the last few decades Zouk, Kizomba, and related styles have become IMMENSELY popular and ubiquitous in many parts of Africa.

But, sadly, we all know what this kind of huge commercial success does to a genre: it becomes cheap and watered down, and quantity replaces quality. Thus 99% of the modern Zouk and Kizomba we encounter today is tacky and paltry rubbish of incredibly bad taste, garishly saccharine instead of deeply moving like the Zouk of bygone years. Yet in this sordid state of affairs there are artists who are producing music which retain more than a touch of the golden years, making songs that are soul stirring as they are irresistible on the modern dance floor. So if one digs deeper, there IS such a thing as good contemporary Zouk and Kizomba: this is what i hope to convince people of, especially long time lovers of African music who have given up on these genres.

and, of course, to satisfy all you sweet loving freaks out there for Valentines Day :)

01 DJ Rams - Intro
02 Rei Helder - Miu'da (feat. Master Jake)
03 Rei Helder - Ventoinha (feat. Nelson Freitas)
04 Aleluia 69 - Anos De Idade
05 Chico Viegas - Ta kieto   
06 Quatros Plus - Slow Motion
07 Babete - Tarraxinha Da Noite
08 Dj Rams - Remake
09 Dj Znobia - Tarraschinha Proibida / Quero Te Sentir
10 Mulatu Astatke - Motherland
11 Unknown - Unknown
12 Malcom Pro - Love is Back
13 Unknown - Unknown
14 Georges Pionquitte - Pa Ni Koko
15 Chico Viegas - Saudades   
16 Chico Viegas - Te juro amor   
17 Marízia - Unknown
18 Mobass - Unknown
19 Unknown - Unknown
20 Master Jake - Carinho
21 Manya - Bola De Trapo
22 Chico Viegas - Samba makia   
23 Chico Viegas - Mu d'zomba
24 Cabinda A Cunene - Bana
25 Falso Testemunho - Maria Alice
26 Sol Na Tchada - Maria Alice
27 Michel Pinheiro - SOS Enfants Soldats
28 Juana Molina – Tres Cosas