NGOMA 8 - Saudade

Historically the Afro-Caribbean connection has produced so much amazing music about romantic love. Particularly, Angola and Cape Verde has developed specific strands of musical expression which focus on a special feeling: that of loss and longing, of desire and nostalgia, of love mixed with sadness. (an example most are familiar with would be the Cape Verdean Morna artist Cesaria Evora) I firmly believe that the best love songs in the world are actually about not having it, and this mix is saturated with this vibe: hearts and lonely hearts roll into one.

Since Zouk arrived (back) in Africa from the Guadeloupe and Martinique islands, where rhythms and melodies of the African "expats" mixed with Rumba, Calypso, Gwo Ka, Compas, Reggae, and even Salsa (and where they must have looked across the ocean with infinite longing for home), it has since been influenced by another deeply emotional music: Portugese Fado. Long story short, during the last few decades Zouk, Kizomba, and related styles have become IMMENSELY popular and ubiquitous in many parts of Africa.

But, sadly, we all know what this kind of huge commercial success does to a genre: it becomes cheap and watered down, and quantity replaces quality. Thus 99% of the modern Zouk and Kizomba we encounter today is tacky and paltry rubbish of incredibly bad taste, garishly saccharine instead of deeply moving like the Zouk of bygone years. Yet in this sordid state of affairs there are artists who are producing music which retain more than a touch of the golden years, making songs that are soul stirring as they are irresistible on the modern dance floor. So if one digs deeper, there IS such a thing as good contemporary Zouk and Kizomba: this is what i hope to convince people of, especially long time lovers of African music who have given up on these genres.

and, of course, to satisfy all you sweet loving freaks out there for Valentines Day :)

01 DJ Rams - Intro
02 Rei Helder - Miu'da (feat. Master Jake)
03 Rei Helder - Ventoinha (feat. Nelson Freitas)
04 Aleluia 69 - Anos De Idade
05 Chico Viegas - Ta kieto   
06 Quatros Plus - Slow Motion
07 Babete - Tarraxinha Da Noite
08 Dj Rams - Remake
09 Dj Znobia - Tarraschinha Proibida / Quero Te Sentir
10 Mulatu Astatke - Motherland
11 Unknown - Unknown
12 Malcom Pro - Love is Back
13 Unknown - Unknown
14 Georges Pionquitte - Pa Ni Koko
15 Chico Viegas - Saudades   
16 Chico Viegas - Te juro amor   
17 Marízia - Unknown
18 Mobass - Unknown
19 Unknown - Unknown
20 Master Jake - Carinho
21 Manya - Bola De Trapo
22 Chico Viegas - Samba makia   
23 Chico Viegas - Mu d'zomba
24 Cabinda A Cunene - Bana
25 Falso Testemunho - Maria Alice
26 Sol Na Tchada - Maria Alice
27 Michel Pinheiro - SOS Enfants Soldats
28 Juana Molina – Tres Cosas



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