Krauts Not Dead

3 years ago me an my girlfriend was walking by the tunnel below Waschaurstr. S-bahnhof in Berlin, when i heard these droney, repetitive, noise-trance-rock riffs and a monotonous drum beat.  Instantly getting my attention, we stood there (exact location of second video) with a few other random people, soaking it in.  I didn't want to leave but we had other engagements and for the rest of the night i couldn't stop talking about it, to the slight annoyance of my girl: "it was the PERFECT sound, right there on the street!"  i had no idea who they were at the time but was 100% certain that it was significant.

3 years later i find out who they are, and that they've been jamming with old school heads (3rd Video with Michael Rother and Kluster)
obviously not going to post their album because it is commercially available, only going to say if you have worn out all the old Faust and Neu! records like me, it is a god send.  

sorry about the formatting of this post, stupid blogger does not have their stupid shit together.  


John Hanson said...

Man, those are quality jams. Thanks! What's the story with performing in the Berlin tunnel? Can folks just plug in and play without hassle?

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