Horatiu Radulescu - Lao Tzu Sonates / Piano Sonatas Nos. 2-4

Here is a first sign of life after rebirth: will just start posting things that i am enjoying immensely

This blog will be roughly about ethereal and listening music from the "West".  For more of a rhythmic focus and the global South, from ancient to modern, go to NGOMA SOUND.

And yes, i am breaking the "non-commercially available" rule with this post.  For you see, this awesome recording IS actually available for purchase on CD, for only $273.60, here (toward bottom of page).  So if you have a problem, go buy it.  lol.

Oh and i'm not certain this is the cover to this particular recording, as the Piano Sonatas don't appear on the cover?  Whatever.  Just LISTEN.


mumbler said...

Welcome back! Glad I never pruned this site from my rss feeds when the operation moved to ngoma.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, and I'm glad too, some excellent posts of music back in the day. Any chance of some re-ups of Tristan Murail?

john hanson said...

man oh man, am i glad you are back. keep it up, please! thanks for more radulescu, i'm enjoying it now (quite different from the work of his that i am familiar with).

chris_c said...

brilliant! great to see you back with such a cool post. hope you can put some dumitrescu/avram gear up to. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. Please if you can post a flac copy of his piano concerto "The Quest". Blessings.