Shangaan Berghain this Thursday!

it is a new day, and change is coming. only 2 years ago who could have imagined Shangaan Super Groove Power and Ngoma Bass Action in the number 1 international temple of cold, hard, rigid and sexless techno?

// Date: 30 June 2011
// Venue: Berghain, Berlin
// Doors: 20:00
// Tickets: 15 € advance sale / 18 € box office
// Online pre-sale at Koka36


"It’s fantastic, best thing I’ve heard for a long time. It’s how music should be"
Karin Dreijer Andersson (The Knife)

Shangaan Electro is the street level dance phenomenon from South Africa that went global in 2010 on the back of a series of viral youtube clips (2 million hits and counting) and an acclaimed compilation on Honest Jon's that introduced the movers and shakers in this fast emerging micro-genre. Shangaan Electro replaces Shangaan music's traditional instrumentation with midi-keyboard sounds, re-pitched vocal samples and jacking four to the floor beats, then amps things up to breakneck speeds of over 180BPM. This is hyper-kinetic digital dance music custom made for weekly dance offs in Soweto, and it's getting ever faster...

This summer Shangaan Electro is hitting European festivals/clubs for the first time ever. Based on a Soweto street party, the live show will feature the stars of the Honest Jon's compilation – producer/mastermind and vocalist Nozinja aka 'Dog', the clown-masked Tshetsha Boys, alongside Tiyiselani, Nkata Mawewe and the fastest Shangaan dancers around.

Before an after DJ Zhao (Ngoma Sound System) and DJ Pete (aka Substance, Hardwax, Scion, Waxtreatment) will be spinning tracks fusing juke, footwork, sped-up reggae, kuduro, shangaan, kwaito, african house and more.

SHANGAAN ELECTRO - "KULUNGWANI" from s o u n d t r a v e l s on Vimeo.

"None of Shangaan Electro sounds quite like anything else we have at our disposal. Which, come to think of it, places it within a rich tradition indeed." - Pitchfork.com

"The music itself is stripped down to basics: synthesizer-produced marimba beats, high-pitched singing... But the most riveting aspect of the music is the speed." - The Wall Street Journal

"This is the cheetah of African music." - NPR Music

"Shangaan Electro is a small sign of an emerging future, improbable and necessary." - The Wire

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