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yeah it sounds like sunshine, rainbows, flowers, and unicorns in the post subject. I'd say that it's in the eye of the beholder or that, but where it is actually is the hands and feet of Paal Nilssen-Love. He's a fucking jazz drummer. If you haven't seen him play, I say you're missing one of this era's great drummers. Not "percussionist" - drummer.

Here's three limited and long gone releases from Mr. Nilssen-Love in solo concert, and duos with fellow Norwegians Lasse Marhaug (noise) and Anders Hana (guitar). Yeah, it's from Norway w/Nilssen-Love or something like that. These will hit, split, and twist you (and your ears will have it thorough), nothing less than intense.

27 Years Later


Personal Hygiene


expect some updated links for my old posts in the next week or so.

full crew manning this vessel now. I expect weather.



zhao said...

wicked post bb.

i love this picture, it's exactly what he looks like for entire duration of performance... feel free to add in post or not.


bb said...

yeah that img is a must.

Justin said...

I have a copy of a fourth OOP Utech disc with Paal Nilsson-Love playing a duo improv with pipe organist Nils Henrik Asheim called "Pipes and Bones." Give me a day or two and I will post a link here.

bb said...

justin that would definitely be appreciated

Anne said...

Yepp, Paal rocks!! Ok, i live in Norway and have had the opportunity to see him play many many times. Still, what i would like to say here is that _each_ time he manages to get all my attention and plays beautifully. I think that one of the best performance i have seen with him this year is in his duo with Joe McPhee at Molde jazz festival. I have posted some extract of this concert on my youtube channel...

Anonymous said...

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Ñoco Le Bolo said...

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Kevin said...

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NATURE BOY said...

A request: ALAN SONDHEIM-T'OTHER LITTLE TUNE (ESP/ZYX-1968: the only esp lp with electronics...).Thanks, Nature Boy.

Anonymous said...

whatever ever happened to "pipes and bones"? I was looking forward to it!