a particular time or instance of event (lens blur)

over ten years ago when I got this album, I guess I didn't know what to expect. that's good, right? about 70 minutes of blasted and delicate sheets of guitar, vocal and noise. I guess we can all go on about "shoegaze" as it seems popular w/the kids these days, but this is an album for the seekers, it's blissed but harsh - pedals and a 4-track - it can explode if you stop staring at the light. another sadly OOP...




nono said...

thanks zhao, this is a great discovery - finally a phantom lost masterpiece of shoegazing turns up, after so many over-hyped disappointments.

I've noticed that atease web has their other albums posted if you need to fill in some gaps:

zhao said...

this is all b-dubble. i ain't got shit to do wid it

nono said...

all apologies bb, thanks. And thanks anyway Zhao for numerous earlier posts.