djzhao ghost dub

a mix from around 2003. if i was to make it today some of the tunes would be different on a couple of sections, but the mix still mroe than holds up. there are some goosebump or just simply bump moments like an ill beat dropping after the long jazz passage. no matter how slick or diverse my digital mixes in the (near) future will be, this thing i made with turntables will always be special.

sorry no tracklist - there are 36 tunes and it would be impossible, 5 years on.

file under:

bleep bass, digidub, electric boogaloo, darkhop, cabbage beats, alien jazz, triphop (?!?!), bionic reggae, mutants rap, call to arms, psycho drum'n'bass.

first 30 tracks
last 6 tracks

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