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Attilio Mineo Conducts
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Man in Space
with Sounds

Attilio 'Art' Mineo
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Label: Subliminal Sounds
Date Recorded: Early 50s,
Released: 1962

1. Welcome to Tomorrow

2. Gayway to Heaven

3. Soaring Science

4. Mile-A-Minute Monorail

5. Around the World

6. Century 21

7. Man in Art

8. The Queen City

9. Man Seeks the Future

10. Boeing Spacearium

11. Science of Tomorrow

12. Space Age World's Fair

13-24. All tracks as above, but without the spoken word introductions

Origin : 1962 Seattle World's Fair / 1997 Subliminal Sounds
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The music on 'Man In Space With Sounds' was played in the Bubbleator. "The bubbleator was Washington State's official exhibit in the Coliseum which housed a "World of Tomorrow" exhibit. The Bubbleator, a 150 passenger spherical clear plastic elevator moved 2.5 million people through displays that promised an easier life ahead. The operator wore a silver shiny space suit right out of a Buck Rogers comic strip and is veeery, very cool indeed and the music to "Man in Space with Sounds" was being played through the sound system. Totally outer space man, totally. "Visitors ascend to the exhibit in a globe-shaped elevator for a 21 minute tour of the future." Visitors to the Seattle World's Fair loved the Bubbleator ride, which was eventually purchased for $5,100 and relocated after the fair's end to the Center House/Food Circus/Armory. In the early 80's the Center House was remodeled and the Bubbleator was auctioned off (amount unknown). The unknown buyers moved it to their home in North Seattle and turned it into a terrarium and that's where it sits today."


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Anonymous said...

thanks for this, guys!

Dualtrack said...

I rode in the Bubbleator in 1966! It was great! I even remember the Conductor guy except by 1966 he was wearing a normal suit. It had a rail going around it and I can still recall holding onto it for dear life, astounded by the whole experience! Thanks for reminding me of this :)

Anonymous said...

I was eight years new in 1962, living with family in N Cal. Didn't get to leave the state, on my own that is, until I was eighteen. When I finally got to Seattle in 1971 at nineteen yrs age I rode the Bubbleator at the CenterHouse/FoodFair and was totally encapsulated in the thrill of being in an historic element of history. Also, in '71 the Space Needle still had Elevator Operators whom would recite a tour spiel quickly and answer some questions too!

Exeter said...

Now I see where the cover of Man or Astro-Man? 's release, Project Infinity,
comes from. Way cool.