Sizzla - Judgement Yard Mixtape Vol. 4 (Excerpt)

last night attended the concert of Sizzla Kalonji and the Firehouse Crew, here in Prenzlaurberg at the Kesselhaus. incredible. flawless. effortless. ferocious and delicate. on the whole, the show was not as aggressive as i thought it would be - considering some of the murda tunes Sizzla has been crafting lately (such as his terrifying version on Shaolin Temple Riddim). but when it's Sizzla, an artist who can, depending on his mood, with ease and swiftness, make tears shed or make the streets run red (with the blood of liars and traitors, presumably), i guess i did not know what to expect (either would be utterly amazing). last night's show was a little of both, but on the whole leaning more toward tradition than i expected -- just this sweet aching soul fire which transcends time; a timeless celebration of roots culture.

there were many moments when the roof nearly collapsed from the pressure, as Sizzla just lets it FUCKING RIP, in his coarse and brutal, throaty Old-Testament voice, spitting blue flames as the band pounded away -- BOOM! -- but the set was also filled with beautiful sing-jay numbers, weaving gorgeous melodies with his words, invention and surprise at every bar. the delivery was modern, the style unmistakably unique, but also immediately recognizable as a descent, a part of something much larger. this man has refined his art to such a rare level that it is an absolute inspiration to witness him in the zone, unstoppable.

i can not go on like this and not leave you with a likkle taste of Sizzla, now, in 2007. it's been a minute since Black Woman and Child, to say the least. here is a 30 minute excerpt from Volume 4 of the Judgement Yard Mixtape series, entitled Dangerous Dancehall. as is sometimes the case, what mixtapes lack in production finesse more than makes up for in raw spontaneity, and if we talking about Sizzla maxing at the home studio in a cloud of ganja smoke, just jamming with some homeys, the results are simply jaw dropping. if anyone listens to this half hour recording and does not feel a thing - might want to check your pulse.

NOTE: i did not notice the homophobic line or 2 in the download. i certainly do not endorse such hatred; it is a regretable aspect of dancehall culture... and Sizzla is a big-O hypocrite, when he does a song like "Don't Judge Me" (not on this mix), and then proceed to judge others in extremely harsh ways. what happened to "do unto others"? it's too bad that the fiery conviction which drives the incredible power in this music also begets biggotry. apologies if anyone was offended.

dangerous dancehall



quetzlcloth said...

Didn't realize you were here in Berlin. Good to know you're in the neighborhood. I haven't commented before, but this blog is fabulous; I've learned an incredible amount from you and BB over the last year. Many thanks, both pro- and retrospective.

bb said...

big playa inna deutschland yaaaaaaaaaaaard. nuff respect, rude.

Anonymous said...

Homophobes are assholes, period. As hateful as racists. I don't care how good his music is, he's a scumbag.

zhao said...

can't speak for anyone else but i am capable of separating the art from the message that it contains.

for instance i love old gospel music but absolutely disagree with the fundamenatalist "you will burn in hell if you don't blah blah blah" message.

grasp, release said...

I like your listening-ethik, zhao. Being right can be far more dangerous than being...well, dangerous.

Are there places to get the uncut versions of this mixtape and others like it, in the event that I get totally fucking hooked? Have not scoured net/blogosphere/SFRP for the likes of this yet....new worlds...makes me wanna rejoice/despair. Cheers, the blog looks grrrreat!

Anonymous said...

Bring back the sizzla of early 90's,who make it fell good to be hailing and giving praise to JAH RASTAFARI and not the one of the 20th cen. RAS_TA-FAR_I-