playing octopus

ah, back to the bwog. as always, I apologize for my extended absence.

So, here is a small record that I have been rocking out to for months. One of my earliest on this bwog was Polmo Polpo's The Science Of Breath (check that here), and this album, is Sandro Perri (aka Polmo Polpo) revisioning his techno/laptoppy ways as as extended acoustic pop/experimental jams.

A whole grab bag of fantastic musicians contribute to this little gem of a recording. More records like this everyone, please! Keeping my jones for a nice pop-style record as well as my crippling need for weirdness and experimentation totally satisfied.



Anonymous said...

i really love this ep (got my copy), tho i'd not heard the science of breath and really love polmo's sound....any chance of posting the glissandro 70 record? do you know of this record...i've never heard it and have read really good things!
thanks for everything, andrew

Anonymous said...

thank you for saving my life once again..!

Anonymous said...

ever hopeful, stumbled on your (wonderful) blog today, and was amazed to find the steve roden stuff!! and hit with almost equal dismay to see i've missed the best by storage dates on some of 'em. the whole lowercase thing (amongst other things)is the draw. so, any chance that you can reupload...would be real nice of you...hopefully, yours,

H&H said...

Wow, it's nice to see you back. And I am very honored to see the link to my blog ; but the link does not work, maybe something is missing ; here is the address of Huppes & Hyalites > http://huppeshyalites.blogspot.com/

Loking forward to more captivating finds here at Different waters (this place is great)

zhao said...

this is one of those things bills... like an inverse of our different feelings toward Mitchel Akiyama... after listening, i realised that Polmo doesn't do a thing for me, and neither does this re-versioning. sounds like muddy pseudo mush. but that's OK, different perspectives and tastes in the context of so much agreement does make life more interesting. kind of like my friend who has great taste in film absolutely hating Children of Men. I'm like "wha??"