Louis Andriessen (by request)

Louis Andriessen / The California EAR Unit - Zilver

Louis Andriessen - Rosa - Death of a Composer


Anonymous said...

ohyesohyesohyes!! thanks soo much, i am looking forward to hearing these...


The Gosub Routine said...

hi there!

I was hoping you couls re-up the 2 live sets by Pan sonic:


As the link is dead, and I lost one of those Cd's when I moved house, so I am gagging to get those again.

Yours hopefully,


lord_direct said...

thanx for the andriessen, despite i am not the requesting person.
@gosup: what's up with blar, any chance of a re-up ?

greetings, lord

The Gosub Routine said...

so it is you!

I remember seeing the name, and I thought, "it's crazy where you see these hip hop heads turn up" (obviously we all listen to different things).

I don't know about blar (e.g:-time reasons). I've got most of the stuff that went up there, though...

See ya,


brennan Cavanaugh said...

Hey, thanks for these, I've seen the film of Rosa, an amazing modern opera. However, I am running into a problem the download has a format error, whereas there are none with the other Andreissen...any ideas?
Thanks again for all...

lord_direct said...

1 for gosup:

(pan sonic live)/
at brennan, for me, the rosa's work fine

cheers, lord

lord_direct said...

& yeah, funny where we meet again, this is quite a blog with lots of interesting stuff. hip hop was where i came from, electronically i'll continue...

The Gosub Routine said...

thanks for the pan sonic Lord 9this was a hard to find, for sure...).


The Gosub Routine said...

hey Lord!

Firstly, cheers for sorting that pan sonic stuff.

One thing though,

when I originally tried to download it from the blog, the post said there were 'TWO' albums.

Anyway, this is what the post said:

roughly 1 week from the show, here are 2 exquisite live recordings from Pan Sonic:

Live NYC is from 1995 -- the plateauxs and valleys of its 2 long tracks contain the icy minimalism of their early 4/4 techno (completely abandoned shortly after) as it does the scary and beautiful alien sound world of their later abstract noise poetry.

the other recording, simply titled Live, collect 9 pieces of performances from different locations, probably late 90s or early 00s, and is a somewhat well rounded examination of various types of their masterful sound constructions.

Any ideas?

Cheers tho'


The Gosub Routine said...


After some digging over on 'discogs', I found out that there is only one album in that link, not two.

The link that you gave to me is:

10/05/95)'Live @ the garage, London
cat no. 'jenny diver 099'.

The second one is:

(09/01/995 20/01/95)'two live sets from the 19th and 20th of January, 1995 at the Knitting Factory in New York City.

cat no. 'jenny diver 100'.

Is this any help?

I would love to hear that 2nd one!


peaceman said...

Hi Zhoa,

Will you do a re-up of The Tyranny Of The beat part 2 with the missing 2 songs. That would be great. Maybe you didn't remember this. I'm enjoying the other great songs. Thanks.

Ego Kornus said...

I was one of the lucky people who saw this opera goes into premiere.
It was a mindblowing stage performance with a real horse on stage the whole time walking up and down! With thanks to my friend in that time who worked at the operatheatre in Amsterdam.
But now you post that here Zao so i can enjoy an other time great thanks
& Saludos!

lord_direct said...

gosup, you're right, there ist another one. i was canoeing for some days, so please excuse me for the delay; anyway, where can i upload more than 100 mb ?


The Gosub Routine said...

no worries mate (sounds better than what I was up to recently),

As for where you can upload more than 100mb in one go...

I only know of Zshare, sendspace, divshare, mediafire, megaupload and (urghh*!@£?") rapidshare.

I have noticed people seem to be using this new company named 'massmirror', where it allows you to put up multiple links on different upload sites for the same album.

Dunno if that helps...

see you soon,


lord_direct said...

decided to put both tracks as mp3 on zshare (an' hope it'll work):
track 01:
track 02:

happy new yorkin' !

The Gosub Routine said...


Nice one Lord!!

Build with realness 'n' wreck shop and all that jazz.

Seriously though, this is gold-dust to me.
You'll have to send me some requests for stuff you're after that I (possibly) might have.


The Gosub Routine - dark Materials:


This track is solely based around just using the voice of J.Milton reading his poem excerpt called 'Paradise Lost' as source material (wahey-it's a jolly one!)

Peace (let me know what you think).

Marcelo Rodríguez said...

Thanks for the two Andriessen works, I didn't really know this composer, just heard about him a couple of times and I must say that I completely fell in love with his music. It has been so long since I liked music this much! thanks again for that!