3 bags of flutes

reposting a great collection of contemporary flute pieces put together by Aporia 6. i don't absolutely love every one, but some are gorgeous, and all of them interesting.

Bag 1

Chaya Czernowin
Ina for bass flute and six pre-recorded bass and piccolo flutes
Jon Fonville

Dan Dediu
Naufragi for flute
Ion Bogdan Stefanescu

Franco Evangelisti
Proporzioni for flute
Severino Gazzelloni (from TIME/MAINSTREAM LP)

Gerard Pape
Two Electro-Acoustic Songs for soprano, flute and tape
Janet Pape-Cecile Daroux

Gilles Tremblay
Aubes for bass flute, percussion and contrabass

Helmut Oehring
Foxfire Zwei for bass flute
Natalia Pschenitschnikova


Bag 2

Johannes Kalitzke
Janner for bass flute, cello and sprechstimme ad libitum

Kazuo Fukushima
Shun-san for flute
Eberhard Blum

Pascal Dusapin
I Pesci for flute
Cecile Daroux

Pascal Dusapin
Ici for flute
Cecile Daroux

Toshio Hosokawa
Fragmente II for alto flute and string quartet
Artaud-Arditti SQ

Toshio Hosokawa
Fragmente II for alto flute and string quartet
Ensemble Alternance


Bag 3

Alvin Lucier
for flute and sine tones on tape
Jacqueline Martelle

Brian Ferneyhough
Cassandra's Dream Song
for flute
Pierre-Yves Artaud

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler
Three in One
for bass flute and tape
Eberhard Blum

Michael Levinas
Froissements d'ailes
for flute
Catherine Binard

Rebecca Saunders
Molly's Song 3 - Shades of Crimson
for alto flute, viola, steel-stringed acoustic guitar, 4 radios and music box

Salvatore Sciarrino
Addio case del vento
for flute
Roberto Fabbriciani

Tristan Murail
Unanswered Questions
for flute
Patrice Bocquillon

Uzong Choe
Das Lied der Unfruchtbaren
for flute solo and 13 strings
Lee Jiyoung
Korean Chamber Ensemble/Piotr Borkowski



Anonymous said...

really great stuff of high intensity...
thank you very much for your work
with kisses vera

MississippiBlindJoe said...

this is really nice stuff

hideo said...

thankin' the bagman for these fine comps (and aporia too)

aporia6 said...

Wow. Some response. I am really thrilled that you folks like the compilations. Thanks zhao

dxt said...

a great set... greetings from Greece and keep on sharing... cheers

mejae said...

forgot to thank you for posting these. i got them awhile back. they're quite beautiful and unlike much other flute music i've heard. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff. Unfortunately the links on Massmirror are dead.. Could you please fix that? Greetings and Many Thanx from Down-Under! (Carl)

Rob said...

Thank you for this wonderful music! Some I had but most I didn't. Beautiful. Rob