FUSION 2: ancient illbient [REVISED]

It seems that the perfectionist in me is not above going back to a finished project and making revisions if he is not completely happy with it. (i can't believe the asshole either) So here we have a 15% improved Fusion 2, with 1 song taken out, 1 song added (to the fiery North African section in the middle), some edits in various places, and altogether better flow. -- all links updated Jan 05 2011
Traditional and contemporary music from 5 continents, 25 countries, mashed up, refixed, and dubbed out.

Whereas the first volume was Global Dubstep and Grime, this one clocks in at 105 BPM and explores uptempo hiphop-ish and dancehall-esque beats. The mood is on the cloudy side with some ominous moments -- there is a sunny volume at this tempo coming up, and further down the road, a collection of dark and menacing dungeon soundtracks.

The Fusion series is more for listening compared to the dancefloor heat of NGOMA, but there are certainly some bangers in here for you to get real jiggy or scrunch up your face to, alongside more tripped out and lyrical numbers.

stream and download single file:

01 [Ghana] Gordon Odametey - Flying Gods (Zhao Edit)
02 [Liberia] Seku Bundah, Troupe, and Townsmen of Jonjah - Topical Song (Zhao Edit)
03 [Cameroon/France] Francis Bebey - Binta Madialio >< Agoria - Solarized (dub mix)
04 [Turkey/UK] Yaşar Akpençe - Dreams >< Demdike Stare - Haxan Dub
05 [Unknown Africa/SA] Unknown - Patricia >< Sibot - Famon Nigiri
06 [Malaysia/Germany] Anggi anak Alang, Entirong Bayang , Enggang anak Sandom, Kira anak Rabong - Serunal/Taboh >< Log - Out 2
07 [Colombia/Spain] Cumbia Moderna De Soledad - Shacalao >< Lerosa and Donato - acid snake
08 [Algeria/USA] Flûtes-gasba du Nord-Est de l'Agérie - Hwa Mrabet Did Chabbi >< Omar D - Busaru Beats
09 [Nubia] Al-Nûbatiyya - Mann Koudoud Toa Yaa Naas (Zhao Edit)
10 [Morrocco] Unknown - Unknown (Zhao Edit)
11 [Egypt] Ahmad Adaweya - Salametha Omm Hassan (Zhao Edit)
12 [Algeria] Unknown - Danse Bédouine (Zhao Edit)
13 [Nigeria/Angola] Guem & Zaka - Nostalgie >< Dj Maginho - TarraxO 100 percent Agressivo
14 [Brazil/Angola] No Sapatinho - Batugue >< dj nuxito - nova inspiracio
15 [UK/Japan] Ian Middleton - Cycle AND Sakuteiki - Viewing Infinite Space
16 [USA/Japan] Dubadelic - Rise of the Fall >< Sakuteiki - Viewing Infinite Space
17 [Syria/UK] Lena Chamamian - Sariri Hovim Mernem >< King Midas Sound - I Dub
18 [Mongolia/Spain] Black Horse – Chingges Khaanii magtaal (with huumii) >< Lerosa and Donato - Gas Snake
19 [Uzbekistan/Sweden] Yulduz Usmanova - Schoch Va Gado >< Daniel Savio - Tough Guy Music
SEPARATE TRACKS DOWNLOAD: mediafire or megaupload


Paul C said...

Another great mix - thanks Zhao!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog.

Ben said...

Some DJs put out the minimum or less...and then there is DJ Zhao. I mean, take a look at the tracklist. Mongolian throat singing mashed up with an electronic track from Spain? The breadth of tracks is something else and then to top it off they are all mashed up with another song or at least edited, making it unique from the originals. Amazing.

Thank you for the awesome mix! It sounds great!