whats going on

trying to finish Fusion 2 and 3. 2 will be a continuation of 1, in an Ancient Dubstep stylee, while 3 will navigate terrains from around 100 -125 BPM. too much material! will have to take longer to sort through and piece together. its like giant 3 dimensional musical jigsaw puzzles with multiple layers... working on them can be a bit mad. i suppose the last one was finished Jan. 09 so i think Jan 2010 is a workable deadline.

and then there are some new ideas for dj mixes: an all jazz mix, an all rock mix, a "boogie" mix for small bars and more intimate settings, an all tropical mix focusing on Latin and African rhythms, and a sweet mix of mostly traditional music both old folks and babies would love.

the big decision right now is whether to keep these experienes more "pure" and specific in terms of sound and style, or more mixed up like NGOMA 1? on the one hand it would be a thrill to mix cosmic disco with deep jazz, or Can with minimal... on the other an all kraut rock mix would be just so, so killer. i suspect the choice will have to be made for each specific project... any ideas or suggestions welcome.

and i would really like to get back to the "experimental" side of music... NEED to make the pure overtones project happen. so much to do, so little time.

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and i will get to more re-ups this week. cheers!


dailyleftover said...

why not just let all project ideas go and make a eclectic mix just the way you want too ..i think you mention once here that there are no borders :) so then why make musical envelops?
although i must admit i like the fusion mix a lot so maybe i just want to push you in a direction. why? because it goes everywhere and i am not the steady 120-125 bpm type guy. The other soundsystem mixes bores me after a while by the underlining beat (but maybe that is the way soundsystem mixes are, iow. made for dancing?

anyways you seem to have your mind made up so i believe your love for music will guide you anyhow.
Heard your set at incubate sunday but was to cracked up from all the goody music that weekend ..but had a good listen and enjoyed. Wanted to see R&S+tiki one more time and i am with you that the new stuff is strong. I also felt sorry for Orch PolyRythmo as i already seen them rock the crowd but it was just too damn early ..but that evening in A*dam they putt the place upsidedown

butt.. my question: do you have mailing list for the gigs you play or are you resident somewhere ..lemme know

zhao said...

now i'm leaning more toward all mixed up too. the reason for "purity", like an all Kraut Rock mix, is that it would just sound so damn tough, with all the same kind of energy building and building and falling and building... but of course this is possible with all mixed up as well...

cool you in berlin? i play this friday at the after party of an art opening. will post details tomorrow morning.


zhao said...

give me your email and i will add you to the list