At.Tension Festival

last weekend at At.Tension festival of theater, performing arts, and dance:Salon De Baile, the same venue where we played during Fusion 2 years ago, was packed for the entire night. since this was a theater and performance festival, the crowd was diverse and also ready to dance after watching so many shows sitting down.should have taken more photos and video but there was no time - only went out from behind the booth, which was in a corner and not on stage like last time, once during a long track...started with a few Ngoma favorites to warm up the crowd, and went straight for the African Techno and UK-Funky. besides a bunch of new tunes never played out before, i tested some new mashups and remixes with Haitian voudou drums and Yoruba percussion (worked exceptionally well). also added some Detroit Techno and House to the set - sort of going back to my dj roots a little bit. when i dropped Cooly G's monster "Narst" after a soulful sequence of Black Coffee and Moodyman everyone went NUTS. and another major uproar when some Underground Resistance hit after the Funky session -- that cold, dark and brutal Detroit sound is so good after a warm and polyrhythmic sequence. towards the end even played some dubstep and bassline before another dj took over at 6AM. felt good to do a proper 5 hour set during peak time on great sound with no restrictions... it should and will happen with more frequency.

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