DJ Doom - Adelaide Deep

a challenger arises. DJ Doom from Adelaide, Australia criticized my selection on NGOMA2 for being too obvious and lazy, and in response, has made a short Afro and Africanized house mix, showing us his approach to this sound.

and it is indeed lush -- a different feel from NGOMA2 entirely, using much lesser known tracks.

"Was gonna end it on 'Seasons' but I didn't wanna get accused of anthem bashing, I actually left the room to put the kettle on but changed my mind at the last minute as I wanted to end on a positive tip, cos Zhao - its all love out here

100% live - No Headphones, 100% unplanned / unrehearsed / unedited. Enjoy!"

That Beep (Radioclit Remix) - Architecture In Helsinki
Fashion (Drum Remix) - Guzluv
Mbeki - Andy X
Alone In Africa Pt. One (Arnaud D Deep Mix) - Niko De Luka
Katumbo (Beats Mix) - Abicah Soul
Greenlight - Footsteps
So Good Today (Yoruba Soul Remix) - Ben Westbeech
Passages - Franck Roger
Mirror Dance (Yoruba Soul Mix) - Afefe Iku Ft. Oveous Maximus
Labyrinthe - DJ Gregory
Compromise - N.B. Funky
Seasons - Lil Silva
I Will Hold On (Ndiza Kulinda) - DJ Choc Ft. Mercy Pakela

SINGLE MP3 here.

bigup Doom for this lovely mix, and thanks for keeping me on my toes. it's true, music is not competitive sports; but none the less, the only thing left for me to do now is rise to the occasion, and deliver a response to the response... :D



billygomberg said...




I can only benefit from this...

Dope Game Tom said...

Nice one Zhao! All about collabaration thru competition... or should it be the other way round?

Thank you for gettting me to actually record! xD

I just wish I'd mixed that last tune in better as I rally, really like it! Its like South African Disco but with drums that sound like UK Funky! So Good!!


Hey Zhao,

Found your mix @ the hollertronix board.
I'm looking for DJ Bobo & DJ Menace ft. Smallz - Money Maker but can't find it.
Do you have any hook ups?


Anonymous said...

But… but… but… it’s a different thing he’s doing. I love it, but... no, it's not the same thing.

A lot of your selection was actually made in Africa, with bona fide South African house music and kwaito and all, and nearly all of his selection is just remixes.

Don't want to be a dick or anything, but your selection is the ruler.

Dope Game Tom said...

ahaha, well, maybe you should do some research before you make a dick of yourself in future.

I don't think Afefe Iku, the crew at Abicah / Yoruba or the UK children of West African parents would apprciate having their 'African-ness' questioned by you.

I don't think any of the millions of people of African descent living in differant countries would agree with your view of what is 'bona fide'

You miss the point totally, Zhao also plays tunes from Europe, UK.

The point is to create & foster connectedness, not put up fences & say everything in here is 'real' everything outside is 'fake'

& no, only 1 remix. A UK remix of an Australian band which blends right into a House track straight from South Africa...