a few things

1. thanks to Tom, Billy, and the one they call Graspy for all the brilliant contributions, but lately they have been too busy to post much so i'm going to go solo for the foreseeable future. of course they are welcome back any time; and if anyone else is interested in getting on board, just let me know.

2. new myspace for music: look, listen, add, and show me some love!

3. found this wicked psychedelic almost feels like Kraut-rock African house track by DJ CLOCK called "Durban Guitar", on DJ CNDO's first compilation. someone said "Brinkmann-esque"... but sooner or later people will realize that Brinkmann is actually "African-esque".


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always nice to see the comments section turn into ad space... not being snarky (well a little), go on and promote away!

Moontroll said...

Hey Zhao -- love the last few long mixes you've put out there (Fusion, Submarine, Balmyard) and I've shared them widely with friends. I've been meaning to share two different mixes I whipped up and distribute via my site www.podcastcafe.org. Judging by your taste in music and views expressed on the blog, I think you'll appreciate them, and if you do indeed like them, perhaps you can help me spread the word about 'em?

Obama Hopecast: http://www.podcastcafe.org/episodes/files/9596385025419130c1c973700ab68cfe-40.html

"Lament for Tibet": http://www.podcastcafe.org/episodes/files/22b9d49b406f62839d1eaf72fb11be73-35.html

One love, moontroll

Anonymous said...

hello, i would like to say thank you for sharing so much interesting music. i also have a music blog on which there are month's worth of music free to the public, for educational purposes, of course:
i hope you enjoy!

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hmmm -- is it ok to leave a comment without promoting myself? i just want to say that DJ CNDO rocks! that track is fabulous. hear hear for the rise of south african house & techno!