Fistfull of Improvisation 1

John Butcher (saxophones)
Xavier Charles (clarinet),
Axel Dorner (trumpet)
The Contest of Pleasures
Some intensely oblique textural nu-school shit. Recorded....hm....1997? 2000 at latest. Sharp if not prescient. IMHO, some of the strongest, or at least most wondrous, group material by any of the participants. A must-hear even if you usually don't care for the improv thing based on preponderance of squiggle-blat, almost all of which has been erased in advance by the participants. Scary-incisive groupmind energy. Keeper!

Gunter Christmann (trombone/cello) & Thomas Lehn (analogue synth):
Temps Duree (1998, ltd ed of 150)
light-speed and prickly-as-fuck. hard to place what makes this record special aside from the excellent playing, but it is definitely not a matter of just fine playing...the quickness here, the jabs and feints familiar to those of us who have listened to (probabably too much) "European free improv" quite a bit....these are here, but the moments of interaction seem to be packed especially dense..

Giuseppe Ielasi: solo live cdr (Absurd)
This is nothing but nothing like Ielasi's more recent work, a much more spartan affair; those who like the quiet Kevin Drumm might find a lot to like here. I think this was released c. 2000, maybe a little earlier. I uploaded it quite some time ago, but the link still seems to work.

Taku Sugimoto: OPPOSITE

Gossamer dew-speckled-spiderweb guitar spun with patience you could cut with a very sharp knife. I know we had this here at some point, but it's an old upload of mine, it's good quality, I think (mp3-320?), and if you haven't heard it yet, you must, must, must.


zhao said...

thanks grasp.

some of these are reposts, yeah? i've been re-upping some stuff too but just leaving it in its original place... what do you think? do you think it's good to have 2 copies of the same thing in 2 places on the blog?


Jon Abbey said...

can you take The World Turned Upside Down down, please? it's still in print, thanks.

-jon abbey

Anonymous said...

The John Butcher cd Contest Of Pleasure was recorded 8/2000

grasprelease said...

Ok, just saw jon's comment; WORLD UPSIDE DOWN is removed but still recommended.

As for your comment, zhao, I probably shoulda checked to see if we still had any of these active, and I'll go with whatever you'd prefer, but these were old links I thought might as well get posted (possibly for the first time!), and I say the more the merrier; makes the life of a share more robust. (I mainly went ahead with it because it was a high-b/r share of a fine record.) But if you think this is cluttery, I can refrain from similar in future, or even remove duplicates here. I am not sure what else would have been posted before, other than the Sugimoto. I think I hung this post out to dry for the longest...

Ellaguru said...

hei! re-welcome!
see you soon.

Jon Abbey said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Can you share again the Lachenmann & Spahlinger Kairos releases???

Thanks for the great work!!

Anonymous said...


MAGON EP 320 KBPS - http://rapidshare.com/files/86768476/Magon_EP_-_320_kps.rar.html


Magon is an old cave man. His methods for composing are mostly arbitrary, while letting small changes in life interact with the composition, making it sound as if several men had to fight for channels, tapes, microphones and disk space... As this might seem or sound contradicting, the music itself is soothing and is actually POP. For the past several years he has been developing his recording techniques even further, refining them to create his own unique signature. Added to his contradicting persona, the LoFi vs. HiFi recordings of his EP sums up to be a great sounding record.


From its kaleidoscopic array of home-culture musical styles to its assured, surrealistic wordplay, Magon's debut EP is a stunner. Throughout the record, magon plays as if there are no divisions between musical genres, freely blending pop, rock, folk, psychedelia, and lo-fi. Although his inspired sense of humor occasionally plays like he's a smirking, irony-addled hipster, his music is never kitschy, and his style is constantly inspired.


A band formed to recreate or reenact the musical matter held in the MAGON EP.
The way they see it - this is Pop music, but terminology can be deceiving.
Although a large amount of the material is harmonic and structured with respect to a dying breed of musicians – a new approach is revealed,
and balanced with contemporary and avant spirit.

This is new to our ears and we like it!

NEXT CONCERT - 03/04/08

Tmuna theater - TEL AVIV.

Main Section:

Magon – Leader: Vocals and Guitars. Charlotte Cegarra - Vocals

Udi Naor – Drums, Samples, and Manager. Yehu Yaron – Bass.

Raz Burg – Piano, Synthesizers and Xylophone. Shaiko – Guitars.

Brass Section:

Shir Andelson – Saxophone. Moshe Papi – Hazo.


Jasmin Skurnik – arranger

Roy Menahem Markovich – Alto. Talik Adir - Bass

Ella Ronen – sprano.


Under Constrution.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Many, many, thanks Grasprelease
Really good records here. Thomas Lehn is one of my favourites. Several years ago I flew from Zaragoza, Spain to Amsterdam only to see him at Bimhuis.

I want to invite you to my new blog


Maybe you find something interesting…

e-tachada said...

i'm loving "the contest of pleasures" thanks

Á said...
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Á said...

Please, don't use rapidshare. Use mediafire.com, badongo.com or something like that (no, or at least reasonable download limits), so we can really download the files. Right now, I've got to wait 70mins to start downloading a 2+ files album (Aki Takahashi) :/ daaaamn...

I'm not spamming, i'm begging you to stop using rapidshare (no parallel downloads, 100mb/hr, and more)and megaupload (which never has no free slots for my country), and other services not designed to be used by humans w/o a credit card (that is free to download :] )

(i've deleted my earlier post cause i wanted to add badongo.com)

Anonymous said...

john butcher file is excellent, thank you

mississippi blind joe said...

ultra post. great job really