Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia - Live In Jaipur

very high quality recording of the accomplished flautist. full of the gorgeous tonal color and dramatic soaring and diving like some fearless sea-bird in sun filled clear blue skies (is this too much? these metaphoric descriptors? feel free to let me know in the comments) one would come to expect from this master of wooden flutes.

I burnt this disc from an original a few years ago -- what is crurious is that just now I could not find a trace of it on the internet - I've tried searching all possible combinations of names of artist, album and song titles. everything about it feels like a major recording, one that should be celebrated world wide... very strange indeed that there is no mention of it anywhere. anyone know why?

oh and I'm going to be switching to mega-upload and maybe try out the new service Mr M. suggested.




zhao said...

what I don't like about Mega is they don't tell you how many times the file's been DLed...

Anonymous said...

what I don't like about Mega is that every DL presents me a window about single ladies near Brooklyn. the images are not flattering.

what I do like is this joyous recording.


Eddie Riff said...

Wonderful recording! Thank you for sharing this treasure! I have begun using an alternative to Rapidshare that I find pretty fast and reliable.


Anonymous said...

He has a pretty complete discography on his website, though you can only view 1 year at a time & I can't spend all day clicking through:


square dancer said...

Don't worry, I like your metaphors. They make for a nice read :-)

I also switched to megaupload since I get pretty fast ul and dl connections. The pop-ups are a little annoying though and some people seem to have trouble downloading. Will probably try some other services too.

very beautiful record, btw, as is the Senking ep.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all those rare albums.

Any chance to re-up the hariprasad album on sendspace ?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Could it be this album?
Live in Jaipur October 30, 2001, published in 2005.

Anonymous said...

It is the 2005 album I just suggested!

That one you find widely all over the web - just look for "Live in Jaipur" AND Chaurasia.

Ashfaq A. Khan said...

Well dear this album is very much available,even on net.the title and other details are as under.

Taj Heritage Series ~ Swar Shikhar - Live in Jaipur October 2001

Any way thanks for uploading it and the other wonderful tracks