La Monte Young - the Well Tuned Piano

someone's beat me to it - the single colossal piece of music which probably needs to be shared the most - with respect to whatever the composer's personal philosophy may be, keeping such an important, enriching, and simply amazing work from the world just does not feel right.

I am simultaneously disappointed (that I was not the first blogger to ever post this), relieved (that I no longer have to count on my somewhat flakey friend to rip), and over-joyed (for obvious reasons).

after staring at the $500 price tag for a copy for a long time, it is now available with a few clicks of the mouse - and itunes is perfect for it: no pauses in between discs or getting up and changing the record on the phonograph.

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after a brief listen to the first disc, this recording is pretty different from a vinyl rip I used to have, maybe it is my memory playing tricks, but that one sounded gentler, warmer, and seemed more... elegiac. but this version is incredible nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

The work you put into a post is always appreciated, but this recording just goes to show, people will spend excessive amounts of money on pure crap. "Well tuned" my ass. Sounds like a broken harpsichord. I wouldn't spend $5 on this recording.

zhao said...


Anonymous said...

I also bought the LP set back in the 80s (and later lost it somewhere while moving). Listening to this MP3 rip now of the CD, no major sonic differences with the LP stand out from memory. This is just as magical. Many thanks.

const said...

where did you find that cd-rip?

freQazoidiac said...

"someone's beat me to it -

I am simultaneously disappointed (that I was not the first blogger to ever post this)... "

Ok man..sounds rather Pompous of you.. FIRST OF ALL.. YOU were not the one to RECORD/CREATE THIS MATERIAL. People on the web these days act out in egotistical ways that are completely mind blowing. Not to say i'm Sorry, but it's rather sad for you to say such spine chilling statements. This is an official BLOWN OUT EGO CHECK. The eagle has landed. Like, yeah, you share OTHER PEOPLE"s music...you have to remember this stuff was released in a commercial sense..and unless you decide to scribble something on a piece of paper or yell into a microphone and transfer it to the digital domain and upload it for people to listen to, you are not doing anything First, or originally. Just had to rant man. Please do post the comment, it's just a reflection from another dimension. It's nice of you to share this stuff, but you always have to remember the artist first.

You are not the one on showcase..the musicians are, that you have channeled onto the blogger, remember that.

no hard feelings, just something to chew on

Anonymous said...

don't worry brah, freqazoidiac doesn't get it. your work is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

First of all from someone that's never downloaded anything...go buy the music! Maybe I'm just old fashioned but there's nothing like actually holding the box set notes, a record sleeve, even cd case while listening to the tunes. I hope your excuse is due to the price of this particular item & you don't make a habit of this w/ all music. I personally compare people that download their music instead of putting in the effort of searching for & buying it to someone that spends their nights w/ porn & a blow up doll instead of finding a girlfriend. Now that I've insulted those types let's underhand that the record you're referring to IS available. You make it sound like this is one of the Cale, Conrad, Maclise collaborations. La Monte has made several pieces of his music available. You can even visit his loft in NY if you want to check out the lights & tunes. It's the above mentioned group that unfortunately remains locked away. Those 4/5 together is where the real magic happened. I appreciatet everyone who takes the time to review music but just get your facts straight & please start buying records. They're cheaper than a realdoll.

Anonymous said...

Btw, with all that having been said...I have enjoyed several of your reviews!!!