RIP Jack Rose

age 38... i guess if the good go young the best go very young... i am fucking gutted. the thought of future recordings from this man was a comfort to me, very special, bringing a smile every time...

now there will be no more. loss of an indispensable soul and pair of hands.

there are no substitutes and the void will go unfilled... that earthy deep swing, that twang which folds time and transcends location... i was a devout follower from the first 3 seconds of the first track i ever heard.

a few less/non commercial recordings:

The Black Dirt Sessions

Peel Sessions 20.05.2004


Anonymous said...

at least we can expect one more offering "Luck in the Valley".

sharp said...

was definitely a fantastic musician. Don't see much of him in blackshaw, however. The two "imaginational" comps blackshaw's put out have a few artists i would put more in rose's range, personally.

huge loss. his contributions to Pelt were among some of the best things ever droned.

Bluepastures said...

Was devastated. Saw him a bunch. Horrible, horrible. Thanks for posting- glad to know others felt as strongly.



casey said...

Beautifully said
tremendous loss
i hate this

dave said...

shocked and saddened by this news

Anonymous said...

Really? This is not good...i just found out...i don't know what else to say? This is not fair...