Nacht Blvd. and New Tracks

played most of these and lots of other new mashups from Fusion 3,and 4 for the first time and good to know they work on the floor. party ratings:

VENUE: 9/10 new and a bit unconventional: beautiful theater house with tall ceilings so has that official vibe - not the usual dark and a bit dirty club experience. sound was good.
ATTENDENCE: 6/10 place could have been more full for sure.
ENERGY: 10/10 everyone there had a great time. lots of crazy moves. there was even some ace breakdancing.
FUN FOR DJ: 10/10 nice to relax behind decks and not worry about time restriction - lots of Afro-Dutch-UK house music, sprinkled with my ethno-techno remixes, and rounded off in the beginning with cumbia and at the end some dubstep.


Ed said...

Zhao the link to your soundcloud is bust

zhao said...

thanks for heads up Ed. fixed!

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