Ocora: Africa part 3

hot off the heels of the Namibian Kwaito here's some more traditional Namibian sounds - from the most anthropologically studied pre-modern and pre-tribal people of all time: the Dobe Ju/'hoansi. i wrote a bit about their fascinating and indeed in many fundamental ways far superior lifestyle (relative to ours) here (will re-up the lecture very soon).

about the same latitude to the east, here is another great recording from Madagascar.

and finally, some more of that exquisite Kora music, from Gambia this time (instead of Mali).

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Anonymous said...


I can't get enough of this Ocura stuff. I was just discovering the awesomeness of this label at a university music library where I worked before I moved to the deep countryside of Japan. Please keep it coming. I having been loving the stuff from India and Africa, and if there's any North-African, Middle-Eastern, or Iran-Afganistan-Pakistan music to be had, I would LOVE it.

Thanks tons for posting these. Much obliged.

Sam in Shikoku.