late summer popular electronics

contemporary europe has felt a bit neglected in recent times on this blog, so here are 3 albums from the soundtrack of my late teenage years. fond of them in nostalgic ways, but i do think the music has stood the test of time (10+ years... is that long enough?). a lot has been said about them already so just a brief description for the few visitors who haven't encountered them before. all 3 are over-priced and/or difficult to find outside of particular regions; but not super rare on the blogosphere -- though perhaps higher bit rates here than some other places.

neglected and "seminal" proto synth-industrial new-wave pop-noir, or whatever people are calling it these days. on early Mute records alongside other then unknown strange electronic pop bands like The Normal and Depeche Mode; released 1980.

for all the silly theatricality and their pretentious UK magick thing, these guys of course produced some good and memorable music. this one is from 1999.

second volume from 2000.


Anonymous said...

I liked Coil's music. Thanks from Ukraine

Anonymous said...

why do you post this stuff for people to steal? coil aren't some big act on a cushy label. letting people steal this music only forces artists to stop making new releases.

zhao said...

vol. 1 is 62 USD on amazon, and vol. 2 is not available.

these are only 2 relatively rare items in their extensive discography.

from this post the "band" will benefit from more exposure more than suffer in terms of the sales profits they lost.

and the "band" doesn't even exist anymore, since one of them is dead.

Anonymous said...

actually peter christopherson sells all of this stuff -- i bought a copy of vol 2 from him about a year ago

i don't know if he'd care if you're putting it up for download, chances are he wouldn't -- but these records -are- still available both in mp3 and physical forms, obviously just not on amazon (unused anyway)

also, i seriously doubt this kind of thing would stop him from making music, that's pretty ridiculous

cheers zhao!