re-ups and new up

i think it makes me a hippie to love Sandy Bull and you know what I am 1. not ashamed and 2. proud. no not the lazy and smelly part, but the peace, man, and the love and the drugs and the nudity. it is super fun to be naked in public. i suggest you try it if you haven't. maybe later today? how about right now? your co-workers will just think it's cute. trust me.

so really, whatever post-ironic badman attitude i happen to be copping for laffs this week or the other, deep down inside i just want to space out on some trippy sounds and colors and the patterns they make... that and for everyone to get 1. along and 2. high as a kite. (and if you don't like it you can go suck your mum)

in addition to the 2 Sandy Bull albums previous posted you will find a new one: Inventions

Sandy Bull - 3 albums
VA - The Masters of Gospel
more coming in the space below...


Anonymous said...

1 request for Tilbury playing Feldman box - thanks

zhao said...

ooooooooooooooo not a bad idea

Anonymous said...

"no not the lazy and smelly part"

Ha ha.

Leo I KNOW you've never read Harold Hedd comix.


In one scene Harold gets dressed. Although everything he wears is second
hand, and some is a little threadbare, it's all carefully chosen... from his
vest to his umbrella. He carefully showers, shaves and brushes his long (of
course!) hair. Once coiffed he confidently sets out on foot only to be
cursed by a monkey suited yuppie for getting in the yuppie's way on a
sidewalk. Thinking fast Harold grabs the yuppie's tie, wraps it around the
car door handle and ties it in a knot. God that shit was funny!

Pretty good. VERY funny and the real thing, not the "Hollywood Hippie"
thing. No hippies I knew would have worn a peace symbol. We were for peace
but that look was square man. Even headbands were suspect. Naïve narks wore
that shit. We liked antique clothing, or other well made clothing. Still do.
We avoided cheap chemical cosmetics in favor of organic cosmetics. Still do.
Look at what Pink Floyd was wearing on Piper at the Gates of Dawn to see
what HEEPEEs liked to wear, or Hendrix's "Are You Experienced". Man that
stuff looked GOOD when you dropped acid! We dressed up man, we didn't let
corporations set fashion taste, and we showered and shaved!


Note her antique dress and his antique hat. You know it took some looking to
find that shirt!

Modern Mythologies.

Harold Hedd was my 2nd favorite comix after the Furry Freaks who really
defined the era (not Crumb as the media would have you believe.) If you want
to know what it was really like those two were the ones. You can still buy
them in some locations.

All the real hippies I knew were very into hygiene, and fashion. We just
didn't buy from corporations (unlike the "counter culture" of today).
Antique clothing was big, especially for women, mostly from Salvation Army
because it was still cheap. We cut our own hair to save money. In fact I'm
looking for a nice bowler hat right now to cover my bald pate. A black hat
not one of those pimp hats. And I wouldn't get caught dead in one of those
plastic baseball caps with a corporate advertisement on the front. No way
Jose. I'd rather walk across the desert nude.

: v )

Ha ha. Those were good times. You could rent a 4 bedroom Victorian in the
Haight in SF for $100/mnth and furnish it with quality art deco for nothing.

Too bad the US people let the corporations take over. Look at us now.
Foreclosures. Families under bridges. Wars. Sad shit we urged people to

One of the funniest and bizarre myths going around today about the heepees
is that heepees were burned out by LSD. Hell MOST of the computer industry
was created by Acid heads like Steve Jobs. If it weren't for "lazy" HEEPEEs
you wouldn't have your nice Macbook. (See... I know you LEO!)

I always wince when people say that Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd was an acid
victim. Everyone was taking acid in those days including all the other Pink
Floyd guys and the audience. For Sid it wasn't acid it was Schizophrenia.
But you never hear that truth in the media. Lot's of myths about the times.
Mostly promulgated by right wing corporatists.

It's mostly revisionist history to discredit the social ideals, that came
from that SPECIAL group of people. Ideals I think are still totally
brilliant and spiritual.

Take care my friend.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see you re-up Henry Grimes' The Call. Impossible to find anywhere in any form.

Anonymous said...

I also beg of you to re-up the Henry Grimes album. Thank you.