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hey I got through what passed for winter this year, pretty much w/out giving proper love to this place. so, here is, I hope, a treat.

to the best of my knowledge these recordings are apocryphal (but no less tasty for it).

the lovely lovely kai fagaschinski on clarient, michael renkel on guitar/preparations.

here's the lowdown.

rebecca exists since october 2001. the work began with improvisations. over the cause of time the same piece was repeatedly "improvised" again, reducing the concept of improvisation to absurdity. through repeated playing a musical piece, a composition come into being. the piece is not notated. rebecca remembers, and forgets. it is not so much a matter of interpreting a preconceived idea but rather of continuously working on and within the piece. the musical work becomes practice, action.
because the same piece is played over and over again in variations, piece and musician merge into a process. the concept of return is also hidden in the name ("re"). less obviously, "bec" (back) refers to the act of remembering, while "ca." (circa) stands for the vague, the indeterminate. this rotating around oneself and remembering as a means of drawing from the past, however, both aim at forward movement and outward communication. repetition as memory facing forward.

I think that is awful nice, and allows for sensitive, concentrated playing - a musical relation b/w the performers that is palpable - improvisation not simply being about showing up, skronking, wheeezing, scraping, clicking about and taking yr applause w/seriousness.



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