Jonathan Coleclough 2: Collaborations

So among these, I hands-down recommend the one with Lethe (Kuwayama Kiyoharu, perhaps best known as half of the duo Kuwayama-Kijima with Rina Kijima, responsible for some really dramatic and mysterious site-specific improvisation released by the likes of Trente Oiseaux and Alluvial), which is really, really amazing, in my own contingent but triple-tested opinion. That's the dark stuff, and heady heady heady. Also recommended is the collaboration with Murmur. The one with Liles is not quite so much my cup of tea but is sure to appeal to others in a way I can't quite manage. The Low Ground recording with Colin Potter is exemplary and might be the most essential document after the one with Lethe (and lots of fans of Coleclough and/or Potter would probably place it first).

Jonathan Coleclough & Lethe: LONG HEAT
2005 - Standard edition: Digipak CD, edition of 700, ICR43 (UK)
2005 - Special edition - Digipak CD & bonus CD - edition of 250 - ICR43/44 (UK)

This is the special edition of 250 copies, consisting of 2 CD's with each one track:
CD 1 Long Heat (54:37)
CD 2 Long Heat Second Part (38:14)

Long Heat is the result of a collaboration between Jonathan Coleclough and Lethe (Kuwayama Kiyoharu) which started when the two performed together in 2002.

Lethe website: http://www.lethe-voice.com/kk/
Available directly from ICR at http://www.icrdistribution.com/

Jonathan Coleclough & murmer: HUSK (ICR, 2006)

Husk is released in three versions:
Standard edition: ICR57 (edition of 700)
Special edition 1: ICR57 + ICR58 (edition of 200)
Special edition 2: ICR57 + ICR58 + ICR59 (edition of 47, only 25 for sale)

Husk is the first product of an ongoing collaboration between Jonathan Coleclough and murmer (US born composer Patrick McGinley.) They first met in 2002 after appearing on the compilation LP Chaleur, and soon began work on the material that would become Husk Sharing a fascination with using found sound in their music, Husk includes recordings of refrigerators, thunderstorms, sheep, car horns, ferryboats, windblown sand, crackling charcoal, as well as more conventional instrumental sounds including a variety of percussion instruments. Much of the music started as live improvisation, in one case during a radio broadcast on McGinley├şs regular Framework slot on the London-based radioart station Resonance FM. These live recordings have been carefully edited and mixed over several years.

Husk is packaged in a 6-panel Digisleeve featuring photographs by Patrick McGinley.

The first 200 copies of Husk include a second CD of pieces recorded over the same period. A further 47 copies (only 25 of them for sale) include both CDs plus an additional uniquely packaged CDR, each one containing a unique composition. The music for these CDRs is based entirely on recordings made in McGinley's home in London during April 2006, his final month there before moving to France.

murmer's website: http://www.murmerings.com

Jonathan Coleclough & Andrew Liles: TORCH SONGS

'Torch Songs' is released in two versions:
Standard Edition: Double L.P · DS93 (edition of 300)
Special Edition: Double L.P + CD· DS93/DS93X (Edition of 300)

'Torch Songs' is a collaboration between Jonathan Coleclough and Andrew Liles.
Coleclough and Liles met in October 2004 when they both performed at Intergration 3 in Preston, UK. Liles subsequently reworked the recording of Coleclough's solo performance from that evening. He went on to add, subtract, multiply and divide further live recordings supplied by Coleclough, and the eventual result was this double LP.
'Torch Songs' is packaged in a gatefold sleeve featuring 'I Dreamt I was a River,' a poem composed and painted by Geoff Sawers during a performance with Coleclough in Geneva in March 2005. The sound of Geoff's brush painting this lettering can be heard on side B of 'Torch Songs.'
There is a special edition of 'Torch Songs' which includes an additional CD of Coleclough's solo performance at Intergration 3, the basis for some of the music on 'Torch Songs.'

Jonathan Coleclough & Tim Hill: BEECH FOR JOHN AND MIHO

2003 · CD · Spool 01 · Seal Pool · Japan
Standard edition: CD · edition of 450
Special edition: CD + ‘art edition’ 3" CDR in hand-decorated envelope · edition of 50

This is a regular CD release of the piece first released as a CDR in 2002.

Jonathan Coleclough & Colin Potter: LOW GROUND

2003 · CD · ICR33 · ICR · UK · edition of 300
2002 · CD · ICR33 · ICR · UK · edition of 500
‘Tunnel’ previously appeared on the Murray one | Tunnel CDR.


Anonymous said...

i have tried to download a few of these and all the songs don't come up for some reason.
like on torch songs, i only get tracks 1-6 and an error message.

kevinass said...

hi......i also gotta empty folder when i downloaded? i'm pudy excited bout gettin this stuff though, thanks!

grasprelease said...

Damn, well...thanks for drawing my attention to it...I'll check it out and post a comment when I got it fixed.

grasprelease said...

I'd rather not download each and every upload, so if somebody can try them all and let me know which ones seem to be faulty and how so and what program you are trying to open the archives with, that would be dandy...I can use the saved time to upload more stuff! I'll be happy to fix the problem once I got it figured out.

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cake works well,
the lethe one doesn't, nor does the torch songs.
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thats all i tried.
thanks, these are great

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If the bass communion w/colin potter is 3 trax it's working...seems short for 3 links though...thanks agin.

John said...

Hey, I'm the John of "Beech for John and Miho." The album is long sold out, but if I re-issue it, please buy it! In the meantime, why not buy some of my other titles?


grasprelease said...

OK, I downloaded TORCH SONGS and LONG HEAT from these links, and they unpacked just fine, using a Mac with MacPAR to assemble the RAR files. I used Gumby v.50c to RAR the files in the first place, and I've been using this in the same way for uploads for a while now and not gotten any complaints...no doubt something is up, but maybe these details will help hammering out the problem on the receiving end? I'd like to avoid re-upping everything unless NOBODY can make them work. Sorry for inconvenience.

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long heat, torch songs & husk unpack fine in winrar. havnt tested others. and THANKS

museum of imaginary histories said...

you're an absolute star. coleclough's music is so hard to get hold of new and i'm nowhere near rich enough for ebay prices.
big thanks and i've included a link to y'all from my blog.

grasprelease said...

I attest to the greatness of Museum's blog. Posts are occasional and essential, and I scored a So Unavailable o.o.p. Gavin Bryars from him that I have been able to find _nowhere_. Hie thee!

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FYI - Jonathan Coleclough 2: Collaborations - Long Heat part one throws up an error upon unpacking and is bad at time = 48mins (truncating it by about 6mins)

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re: FYI - Jonathan Coleclough 2: Collaborations - problem was me, I didn't realise that BOTH parts were required. WinRAR asks for the second part. 7-zip doesn't!

Christopher Beard said...

part 3 rar. file has been removed from rapidshare. Could you please re-up when you have the time. I'd be very grateful. Thanks for sharing all the music and for keeping a great blog.