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A favorite drone-based tape composer o' mine. Rhetoric to a minimum now. If your time is limited, I think I recommend the 2002 ("Alternate") version of Cake above all, followed by Halant-Heat-Beech. If your tastes are a bit less toward the grit/grind of konkret, and you prefere a little less tooth in your grain, I certainly recommend the more "ambient" Windlass, which is smooth but also strong.

Jonathan Coleclough: CAKE (two versions)
(Siren03/Robot14 · Siren/Robot · Japan/USA)

First release: 1998 · edition of 500
Second release: 2002 · (alternate version in same packaging) · edition of 300

First release (1998)
1. Cake (35.22)

Second release (2002)
1. Cake (41.05)

Although they are packaged identically, the two releases of this CD have different versions of the music.
Recorded in Cornwall, Ballymakenny and Wired. Thanks to Chris Britton, Colin Blakey and Áine Dunne. Colin Blakey can be found at The Shipbuilders website, which hosts the interactive and evolving Dronezone.

Jonathan Coleclough: Halant | Heat | Beech

2002 · CDR · self-released · UK · edition of 150

This CDR was made for a trip to Japan.

1. Halant · Jonathan Coleclough (15.08)
2. Heat · Jonathan Coleclough (5.01)
3. Beech · Jonathan Coleclough & Tim Hill (19.44)

‘Halant’ uses wire recordings made by Alan Lamb.
‘Heat’ is a different version from the one on the Chaleur compilation.
‘Beech’ was recorded live in Edinburgh on 7 March 2002.

Jonathan Coleclough: Makruna/Minya
2004 - CD - ICR40/Siren 12 - ICR/Siren - UK/Japan - edition of 500

1. Makruna (38.20)
2. Minya (29.37)
3. Makruna coda (1.53)

An earlier version of "Minya" was released as a limited edition CDR.

Jonathan Coleclough: WINDLASS
1999 · CD · KIP016 · KIP · Netherlands · edition of 500

From the sleevenotes:
I first met Jonathan Coleclough at one of Lady Blacksell’s impromptu but lighthearted garden parties. He cowered on the lawn and spoke about films. He went on to study Snipe in ditches with me for many a year and moved easily in the most fashionable salons before his sudden relocation to the Free State of Eldonia. There he shuns polite society and builds some sort of machinery, I forget what, whilst issuing to the world increasingly peremptory and imperious manifestos at which the world, of course, merely snuffles. He refused to see me upon my last visit, but I will always respect him for his sybaritic swish. He has few friends, no hobbies, and moves with the grace of a sloth.
Don Coyote

Cheers to my friends zhao and bills, and thanks to them for patience in not taking extended and fitfull silences as any kinda fuck-you or whatnot. Also cheers to tom and welcome to this little endeavor. Krewe!


zhao said...

ahhhhh yes. obscure tape music. blog back to form after my incendiary excusion into gangsta rap... :D bigup GR

grasprelease said...

Nothing digressive bout street-konkret! Beneath the paving stones, beach! Big ups, yrself.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Coleclough: Makruna/Minya
doesn't seem to work either, only does one track.

Relocation Sugarland said...

he transforms the delicate sounds of everyday objects into mysterious and sensuous music. I think he is incredibly amazing.


Noah said...

great, cake is great

aorto said...

You wouldn't happen to have the Halant disc floating around by chance would you? Seems it has been removed by RS.

If so, cool.

If not, sigh...