lowercase fusion

an extra quiet fusing of two common elements on thee bwog - artsy new improv and artsy lowercase electronic/electroacoustics. what follows is absolutely one of my favorite releases within those borders, and possibly my favorite release from Bernhard Günter and his label, trente oiseaux.

sadly, as of last summer, Mr. Günter has run out of time and resources to keep trente oiseaux releasing new music. the label will continue distribution of its releases. for the last maybe 15 years, trente oiseaux has been a fine outlet for modern electroacoustic composition and innovative instrumentalists.

+minus (bernhard günter, electric cellotar, CDs / graham halliwell, feedback sax / mark wastell, percussion)

a rainy koran verse

Live recordings from a brief UK tour. Liner notes included in the .zip. Having listened to much of Günter's compositions, the lowercase electronic and "new silence" improv scenes, I feel this is a really strong statement that encompasses the player's diverse backgrounds (and Günter's role as a bandleader of sorts) in a beautiful, restrained recording and rather, uh, "electro-acoustic" (amplification plays a major role in everyone's pallette). we can haggle over what the use of recordings as a bed for improvisation "means" or whatever, I think that here, at least, it allows the group to achieve the result they are looking for. enjoy!



dave said...

The only Gunter I have is "For Mark Rothko" which I've not listened to for ages. Thanks for reminding me what I'm missing with this post.

zhao said...

one o my faves too bills. ever since you hooked it up at SFRP. I'm addicted to those pristine tones... so, so fine.

Anonymous said...

i have problem downloading the file

can you please re-upload it, maybe in a different platform
thank you

lord_direct said...

ýéeehaw, b. günter.
got some more in my pocket, if anyones interested. hook me up at sourcedirect [at] web [dot] de
greetings especially to zhao + all the different waters.

lord_direct from the ole world

Michael said...

Very sensitive. Lower-case indeed.

Little Turtle said...

gunther and co are wonderful.

T-D-K said...

could you please reup any of the Indian classical albums-Allauddin khan, Ravi Shankar,



Richard Pinnell said...
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