Polyphonies of the Solomon Islands

OK. Been looking for this for a while - some great recordings (ca. 1974) of local musics of Gudacanal and Savo. Like the Fred McDowell below, it goes to show that what you are recording is heavily influenced by the technology and the location. I can't say what equipment was used to record this, but I'm sure conditions were less than ideal. However, these sound great, and in today's often over technologized recording environment, they sound alive. This is a human and complex music, and brings me tons of joy.

recorded by Hugo Zemp, Guadacanal and Savo, 1974


big ups to Arcturus on SFRP for this.

also, does anyone know how well this music is surviving in its locale? I hope that the existence of this recording (and others) make an archival legacy almost certain, but how has this practice survived the last 30 years?


Anonymous said...

thanks for this.
i have some other records from the solomon islands as well.
ill have to share them with you at some point.

chris_c said...

thx 4 this, gonna put it on shortly. & thx for all the other goodies; it is a nice mix of the cerebral and the emotional, sometimes simultaneously - which is always a winner! i'm not a r'share premium a/c holder so am getting one a day, which is a daily treat.
have just got, and would highly recommend coil live at mutek03, it is on sfrp. mainly instrumental it is a top 5 coil disc, dunno if official, has good sound quality. if link has lapsed, let me know and will send you a copy - has nice minimal bits and wholly psychedelic totality! keep up good work!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how cool is that? I just finished reading Collapse by Jared Diamond, and it relates a lot of history abut Polynesia.

Anonymous said...

this is one of the best things I've heard, period. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Traditional Music is still alive in the Solomons, at least in comparison to other pacific nations. From what I've seen, its due to a strong sense of local (traditional village) community.

p.s. love this blog!

Ninejahman said...

Thank you so much for all your beautiful work entertaining such a beautiful blog!!
I would just have a request : if it was possible to upload 'Are' Are intimate and ritual music, since it is very difficult to find and so beautiful.
That would be a great add' to your blog and to your collection!