a pair of Lacy's

Steve Lacy Four - Morning Joy

Steve Lacy - Soprano Saxophone
Steve Potts - Alto & Soprano Saxophone
Jean-Jacques Avenel - Bass
Oliver Johnson - Drums


Steve Lacy Three - N.Y. Capers & Quirks

Steve Lacy - soprano saxophone
Ronnie Boykins - bass
Dennis Charles - drums



Anonymous said...

thanx great uploads

codeverifier said...

I like Lacy. i like my flakes in the morning and my umbrella at night.

bb said...

I'll say this - the Lacy posts have lit up some of my nights at home.

Anonymous said...

You run a busy blog. Busy meaining here a great one. Sendspace sucks if you don't have an account!!!
But thank You anyway for some truly great posts.
The guitar posts xeptional!!!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't you re-up this two LPs?

Rob said...

Any possibility of getting these two great albums re-posted? Thanks in advance. Rob