Silence Resounding

ah. I can never look at three days off of work badly. lots of sleep! good food! Working on the things I want to work on! not posting much to forums and blogs! So, as if to open up my perception of the oncoming winter, and to follow up Zhao's essential Steve Roden post...

Miki Yui "Silence Resounding"

Another fine, contemporary sound art release from the L-ne label, unfortunately out of print. A perfectly balanced collection of short, delicate soundscapes and extended events, fragmentary without being broken or lacking. Some tracks are clearly based on field recordings, others more processed, all have a poetic emphasis on acoustic perception. For whatever reason I love this album during the winter, the silences highlight the cold, but send out a warmth, animating my home.

I have no other albums like this, and haven't heard anything else like it. Neither have I encountered Miki Yui's work as in occurs in installation or soundtrack. sigh.

consider this my eulogy for the M N M L • • • • T C H N O thread.


Anonymous said...

If you'd like to hear something similar, which is also based on field recordings, try the amazing work of Tetsu Inoue.

His Waterloo Terminal is here: http://faunigena.blogspot.com/2006/10/tetsu-inoue-waterloo-terminal.html

Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

I love this site, and am not sure this comment's in the right place BUT:
what are you doing uploading stuff which we can buy, and the composer is alive and well?

I checked the Radulescu, and the first item on the list is available at