the departed (and Steve Roden)

I think only now the passing of the M N M L • • • • T C H N O thread has really hit me... why do the good die so young!

at least the grieving process will be softened by a vacation in Big Sur... so I probably won't be around these parts for a week or so. in the meantime... I wish I could tell you two trouble-makers and the crazies over at SFRP to chill with the posting, go outside, throw a frisbee around, key a few Hummers, so that my DL pile is not TOO outrageously overwhelming upon return... but you know as well as I do that that's not gonna happen. so... carry on...

and if I don't ever come back, you will know that the combination of foggy, winding cliff-side roads and coconut flavored Caribbean Rum got the better of me... and that my end was met gloriously, in the arms of beautiful music and women.

live, listen, and prosper.

cheers! - zhao

P.S. 2 gifts before take off:

I can't even begin to explain how much I love these recordings... it's a case of sound art becoming much more than mere "interesting", but sustaining, and sustained, nourishment for the passage of time.

as far as I know these are not available anywhere... visit http://www.inbetweennoise.com for more information.

Steve Roden - Light Forms

"both tracks use the electronically transformed sounds of lightbulbs being handled and were inspired by the bell ringing scores of jasper snowdon, the theme of 'light' for a performance evening at the stadtgalerie saarbrucken, and the singuhr - hoergalerie in parocial exhibition space (a church) in berlin. track 1 is a studio version of the concert piece for saarbrucken, and track two is the soundtrack for the berlin installation."

Truth Is The Bell (Saarbrucken)
Bell Is The Truth (Berlin)




Steve Roden - Winter Couplet

"winter couplet was created for the 2002 la freewaves festival in los angeles. the sound composition was made using the sounds of two tea cups; and was played through 8 speakers connected to cardboard tubes. the tubes acted as resonators and were inspired by the work of architect shigeru ban."





Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you! I've been wanting light forms since forever. I'm sure the other one is excellent too. Thanks!

sroden said...

hi zhao,
been quite a long time... as much as i would've liked a "hey do you mind if i post these" i appreciate your kind words about the music a ton - throwing this stuff out into the world one rarely gets such evidence of kind ears. i have no problem with them being available for free, and indeed i believe light forms is unfortunately out of print. for anyone who still needs to handle objects and hold covers while listening (like those of us old folks who grew up with LPs), i've still got copies of winter couplet in the in be tween noise inventory facitlity (better known as the garage). i hope life is treating you well, and perhaps our musical paths will cross again at some point. steve

jed_ said...

i really REALLY enjoyed both of these in the early hours of this morning. the rain was hitting against my windows and making sounds i've never heard before (they are brand new windows) and the combination of real and recorded sound was quite striking!

have a god trip!

noïzykaa said...

These 2 albums are beautiful...
Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

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thecoloroflight said...

Wow, I just BOUGHT Winter Couplet for 11$ including shipping from Anomalous Records. ( http://www.ribexibalba.com/ar/anomrec.htm ) Go figure. Shop around on the internet before taking these from blogs, people. How one could not support the artist is beyond me.