3 from Raster - Modul, Coh. and Frank Bretschneider

modul - isol

top-notch click-bass with beautiful wave-prisms. one of the more affecting of Raster releases. thanks to billybilly for this gem.


Coh - Enter Tinnitus

the classic album on Raster Music back when everything was packed in those electro-static bags.


Frank Bretschneider - Curve

sparse, dubby, simple, gentle, serene, unassuming, friendly, non-demanding, and enjoyable.



Anonymous said...

Great selections. Many thanks!

lord direct said...

it's always a pleasure to see what you are posting. big thanks from lord direct [sourcedirect(at)web.de]

Synthetic said...

Could you please repost the Modul album, it is now missing from link.

Bruno said...

I'll second Synthetic's request... please re-up the Modul disc.

Anonymous said...

could you please please please put these up again...
Thanx.. great blog btw ;)

analogged said...

I love the Raster stuff mate and i'm really pleased i've found your blog.

Sadly all the stuff is gone any chance of a few re-ups?

Also do you fancy a link from my blog?


Anonymous said...

like everyone else's comments: could you please reupload modul - isol. thank you!

love the blog...inspiring!


Anonymous said...

Hello, i just met COH and i´m crazy about his stuff, like a crazy looking for "Enter tinnitus", but i just can´t find it. Link is empty. Could you reup?? please!