Polwechsel & Fennesz - Wrapped Islands

the group of outstanding, mind-warping, super bad-ass improvisers with our favorite laptop/guitar sound-boy. infallable combination.

John Butcher, tenor and soprano saxophones, feedback tenor (tracks 2 and 6)
Burkhard Stangl, acoustic and electric guitar, electronics
Michael Moser, cello, computer
Werner Dafeldecker, double bass, acoustic guitar, computer
Christian Fennesz, computer, acoustic guitar, synthesizer.

Recorded 7 to 9 January 2002 at Amann Studios, Vienna



billy g said...

ok! I already own this, but it is fantastic and went a good ways to open my ears some more.

Paxjorge said...

Hi zhao, I just wanted to say that I'm going to give this one a try and that a friend of mine called Larve dropped you a comment on one of the Front 242 posts on my blog. I don't think he realises you won't know about the comment unless told about.


Paxjorge said...

Wow, I've only heard most of track 1 so far and I love it... Thanks

zhao said...

glad you like it. some space for you to breath after listening to all that industrial strength beats! :)

Korpus said...

thanks for this post great!!
by any chance you have also the first 2 albums of polwechsel?
that would be great! and is a very complete view what is in the posibility of the group great post gracias

zhao said...

korpus, look in archives for Polwechsel #1

Korpus said...

to good you have the first one here.
so deep and intense.
a few years ago i used some tracks of that cd for an art performance i did.
gracias Zhao

Anonymous said...

I seem to have found this post on the later side. Thanks for this interesting album as well as others!

However, after decompressing the archive, I couldn't play track 7 past the 1:31 mark nor any of track 8. I've tried iTunes, Quicktime itself, and VLC to no avail. Anyone else having such problems?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up?