Asmus Tietchens - 15 Earlier Works

the idea for this blog is to post the cream of the cream of the crop in any genre, but I'm making an exception here: not all of this is essential. unlike the 3 recent digital works I posted earlier, which I consider to be all time favorites. some of this is amazing, some of it gorgeous, some of it very interesting, some of it vague, some of it creepy, some of it just fuckin' weird, and some of it is entirely forgettable.

I've written tiny little blurbs about what to expect from each release - but these descriptions should be taken with 1 or 3 grains of salt - they only capture the over all feel.

one thing that is terrible about this man's work is the cover art - a lot of albums have the same design - only name is different. and in the later work the names are even similar. can be confusing. I couldn't find covers for Liliental, Five Manifestoes, and Stockholmer Totentan, so made some up.

thanks to the wonderful creature known as Plesio for these.

if any file needs a password it is: skafunkrulez

Just added another 6 albums to the end of the list - thanks to Lord Direct hailing from Germany. I have not yet heard or have any information on these, can't wait to go through and dig out the gems that are surely buried in that pile.

Moebius, Tietchens, Bekker a.o. - Liliental 1978

the kind of beautiful, melodic, warm and lush teutonic "ambient post-rock" (whatever the fuck that means) one would expect from early Cluster, with added strange sound dimensions - presumably from Mr. Bekker and Tietchens.


Asmus Tietchens - Litia

strange synthy kraut-pop with drum machines (obvious stretch of the word "pop"). first track is unbelievably good - required listening. the album is structured with beats like late Cluster, synth driven undefinable rock-ish affairs with sickly German romanticism.


Asmus Tietchens - Sp├Ąt-Europa

strange synthy kraut-pop with drum machines. loads of ideas, much of it playful, much of it wonderful, spread over loads of short tracks. some of it sounds like sad but jovial mechanical clowns in a decrepit burlesque.


Asmus Tietchens - Biotop

synthy kraut-pop with drum machines. electro lounge from a quarky alternate universe. a few ace numbers in here, charming like the little robot you found in the future under a heap of junk that miraculously still works.


Asmus Tietchens - In die Nacht

synthy kraut-pop with drum machines. remembering strange episodes from an imagined childhood while riding on a rusty ferris wheels in an abandoned amusement park lost in time. some of it feels farely cyber-punk (from a time when the word cyber was cool).


Asmus Tietchens - Adventures in Sound

a mix bag of improvisational sound collage, plunderphonic concrete-jazz and a few "songs" with rock-ish riffing guitar chords. a lot of it is very noodly and kind of annoying.


Asmus Tietchens & PBK - five manifestoes

feels closer to the digital period, but not as minimal - mostly excercises in grey-scale noise textures and sustained tones.


A. Tietchens & O. Bekker - Stockholmer Totentan

also close to the digital period - 3 long tracks of noise sculptures resolve in menacing voices and disturbing calm. very enjoyable.


Asmus Tietchens - Sinkende Schwimmer

cryptic and oblique sound scapes, may be the most "out there" of the bunch. for die-hard fans only.



from Lord Direct:








ShardsOfBeauty said...

wow, very impressive. I still haven't assimilated those earlier posts... my favorite Tietchens is Aus Freude Am Elend, I also like Geboren Um Zu Dienen. I agree with your overall assessment of his output - it is varied in both style and quality.

I started my own blog inspired by you and a few others, devoted mostly to cassette releases from the 80's...


thanks for all the great music.

I am getting a password/unzip error for the "Europa" file? I use Stuffit on a Mac, if that helps.

archigram said...

Wow!!! I've just been getting into Tietchen's stuff lately. It figures that NOW it's being posted, heh heh. I ordered a couple of these early ones the other day, so it'll be great to get a taste of the others I plan to get. Thank you!!!!!!

archigram said...

Oh, bummer. I'm having the same prob as Shardsofbeauty, even with the password. D'oh.

lord direct said...

hello over there, i've uploaded
some more tietchens stuff:







for mac users: newztool works fine with .rar-files.

good day.
lord direct

zhao said...

shards and archi: I've checked that it's the same original link and pass that worked for me. I think the problem is Stuffit. you can find UNRAR for free - that is the right tool for the job.

Lord: oh my! thank you for your generosity! I can't wait to go through and dig out the gems that are surely buried in that pile. hope you are doing good!

Anonymous said...

Bad Luck: Years ago I somewhere read a raving review of MARCHES FUNEBRE, at that time already hard to get. so i was excited as i discovered the record in a "shop clearing sale" in BOY Records in Frankfurt among many other beautiful records - only to discover that I had "lost" the record in the shop. AAAARGHHH! So up to today I know nothing from him & would appreciate if someone could post MARCHES FUNEBRE - thanx a lot!

Loopy C said...

confucius, did you happen to pick up the other posts at SFRP by 'pLeSiO', specifically his two 'Kluster' posts (which went inactive)? I would love to get my pixels on them ;-)

Thanks for all the Asmus (gee, that sounds so wrong), so far I love the weird almost Residents-like material of 'Litia' and the really abstract bent of 'Adventures in Sound'.

pLeSiO said...

thx a lot for your warm words!

and some "new" tietchens stuff...


Anonymous said...

Cool Music. I would love to have Roedelius Solo Recordings Selbstportrait 1-3. Anyone here who got them?

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the correct password? i spent hours downloading these, and yes, i do have unrar...

Anonymous said...

ouups, sorry, my mistake, you guys be careful not to put a space after the password when you use UNRAR, like a did... too much coffee you know... thanks!

Anonymous said...

Please use other site beside rapidshare. I'll need to whole life time to download half the albums you give me here.

Paxjorge said...

HAr har, mr anonymous, same here, but apparently there's a way around your/our problem, but I have to admit I haven't tested it yet. Here it goes:

1. go to start and scroll up to "Conect to"
2. click on "show all connections"
3. i am using wifi. i then "diable" the connection.
4. go to tools and then internet options.
5. then delete files, making sure to click the "all offline contect box"
6. then delete cookies
7. click okay
8.go back to network connections "enable" the connection again
9. once reconnected you should be ready to go again with RS.

I got this step-by-step new-kids-on-the-block method from another b-logger. Don't know if that gives the method more authoritaaah or not. Guud lock.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- this looks great! I know re-upping stuff is annoying, but could you possible manage Biotop?

Trisha said...

I've been looking for the Biotop, In die Natch, Spat Europa and Litia for nearly half of my life…
And when I finaly find them… The links are dead :)
Oh well, maybe in another life then!

Anonymous said...

Every single link got deleted :(((

sumdumguy said...

Come on... Rapidshare.de? Yah, that's not a trustable site, AT ALL! Little worms running through the connection, not cool.
I agree, use something like Megaupload or Mediafire. Rapishare is horrible usually. Sometimes there is no wait, when it's glithced a bit.