Studio Mix - Kite (HELP!!!)

one of the first mixes I ever recorded - dub-techno and minimal tech-house with glitchy digi-breaks crisp bouncy 4 on the floor funk.

i have lost the files for this one. if anyone have it please upload???


Richard said...

Looking forward to this.

It's crazy you can't do gapless playback in iTunes.

After asking Mr Google, one suggestion is to turn on crossfade in the 'playback' prefs but set it to 0 seconds. I'm in a café and can't test this right now but might be worth a try.

Oh, and a great blog by the way!

zhao said...

and what did you think?

let me guess, as soon as you hit the play button everyone in the immediate vicinity disrobed and proceeded to dance with wanton abandon for the entire duration of the CD. am I right or am I right?

Loopy C said...

'It's crazy you can't do gapless playback in iTunes.'

As of 091206 you can! iTunes 7!!!


Be warned, as of today the iTunes plug-ins I use (Volume Logic and OSS 3D) appear to be broken by the update. Otherwise, the gapless playback is working great ;-)

Now, back to the 'wanton naked abandon'!, great mix zhao!!!

EZ-X said...

File is not found at link. Repost? Greatly obliged!

Anonymous said...

hi, the link is broken :-(
i'll love to listen to this album, can you give us a new link please ?

i love the sound of Dj Zhao

zhao said...

thank you.

but me and you both would like to hear this!

i lost the files and recently asked for someone to re-post, but no one has stepped up :(

Ambientblog.net said...

Is this mix still available somewhere? rapidshare.de is offline for quite some time now.