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(originally called Panasonic) is a Finnish experimental electronic music duo consisting of Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen.
The minimalistic music of Pan Sonic is composed "from a forbidding array of pure tones, sinewaves, pulses, electronic squelches and ultrasonic waveforms, skilfully arranged into an accessible rhythmic package" mainly taken from the bowels of custom-built sinewave generators. Given songs titled "Kurnutus" or "Rutina" (that is "Croaking" and "Crackle"), the environmental buzz, crackles and hums emanating from the speakers are harldy a surprise. Despite suggesting a harmless set of natural (sounding) frequencies, Pan Sonic have built up a reputation for fearsome live volume levels and atonal indulgence. Some of their equipment is made by third "extra" member Jari Lehtinen. Pan sonic are great fans of experimentation and art performances and have done exhibitions and sound installations in museums. They have also made music for Japanese fashion shows.

Damion Romero
sound artist/sculptor and visual artist from Los Angeles. Romero's main focus is with "resonant electro-acoustic feedback systems" using audio power amplifiers and a variety of transducers and "feedback regenerators" of his own design. The goal is to saturate the atmosphere with natural acoustic standing waves and pulses, large sounds, that are affected (or held in place) by very small movements in order to magnify an (as of yet) indescribable phenomenon. www.poweracoustics.org

dj zhao
either connecting disparate pieces of recorded sound from different cultures and times or building specific sound environments, dj Zhao's selection is informed by both tireless research and a relentless impulse to push things toward the transcendent. www.optikom.com

los angeles based duo j.frede and david brady, created to explore the smoother side of electronic music it takes inspiration from eighties synthetic pop , smooth jazz and space lounge music, working with simple electronic instruments and a sampler, the two weave melodies and soft beats and create gentle atmospheres perfect for late drives and spacecraft flights, soundtracks for smooth nights. www.current-recordings.com


Lucky said...

L.A. is faaaaaaaaaaar from Hamburg, my dear! but thanks anyway :(

i sure would've gone to see mika+ilpo
- just heard "a" and the collaboration with alan vega and really like their uncompromising approach - REAL minimal music!

tell us how it's been!


Anonymous said...

listen: if by chance you a "rec" button comes your way, you press it!

billy_g said...

pan sonic is in nyc on the 9.10. have to work on the girlfriend to go to this. for all the musical territory we share, pan sonic falls in my collections. ditto the
"rec" button request. on any of these sets.



Anonymous said...

rsvp christopher larose + 1 for the 21st

Anonymous said...

rsvp david cline +1 for 21st