Jewelled Antler Library Vol. 01 - 12

a series of out of print 3" CD-R's released by the elusive, extended family of forest-people known as Jewelled Antler Collective. they make a mysterious, borderless, maleable and ever shifting type of contemporary Acid-Folk, Improvised-Folk, Avant Folk, whateveryawannacallit. each edition has its own form and focus but the dominant sound is one made with mostly acoustic, site-specific and some subtle electronic sources, blending with atmospherics and the free-floating song forms to create gentle tableaus of psychedelic ambience. this is a space that feels so right, and so necessary - new tree-hugger and hippie music that is not new-age-y, not sachrine, and not ironic - somewhere between field recording, sound art, noise, drone, improvisation and song-craft. these recordings are idiosyncratic and filled with a kind of innocence, a wild, raw beauty, open to the vibrations of the universe. non-specific in terms of mood, sometimes blissful, sometimes kind of sinister, the music goes from structured to totally free, often evoking the spirit of the woods, where processes unfold with the profound indifference of nature.

most are easy and soothing, some are a little more difficult. first 2 volumes are abstract noise-drone affairs, the acoustic guitars come in by the 3rd, and the singing soon after that.

these were originally posted by Blissfulwizard. all the thanks to him for making these otherwise lost little gems available.

Vol. 1 Green Laughter (Loren Chasse) - Green Laughter


Volume 2 Tomes - The Dreadful Gift


Vol. 3 The Ivytree - The Sun Is the Lamp


Vol. 4 Hala Strana - Karst


Vol. 5 Dead Raven Choir - Their Feet Are the Foraging Ground For Wolves


Vol. 6 Famous Boating Party - Silvery Branches


Vol. 7 Uton - Zwuij


Vol. 8 Claypipe - Wayside


Vol. 9 The Muons - The Well at Land's End

The_Well_at_Land_s _End.zip

Vol. 10 Thuja - Fable


Vol. 11 Kemialliset Ystävät - Nuuha Ni Haka


Vol. 12 Fursaxa - Harbinger of Spring



perkypat23 said...

Holy shit!!! Thanks a LOT!!! I missed this series when it came out, and have been DYING to hear it...especially the Fursaxa piece...I'm a bit of a completist on her stuff, and this was is the only thing I don't have by her (well, at least until now!!!)


billy g said...

again, in a totally different direction. I'm at best passingly familiar with some of these artists (kemialliset ystavat - I'm into the weird sweden), but no time like the present to listen to something new.

Soidemersol said...

you couldn't choose it better to upload. I have some JA albums on my blog as well:

ivytree - winged leaves / sun is the lamp
the blithe sons - green mansions
the skygreen leopards - life & love in sparrow's meadow

you can find it here:

Soidemersol said...

by the way, I would really appreciate if you added me to your links session (as I would logically do the same to yours in mine). the address is http://cagedream.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

hey what happened to the eno shit you had posted before?

Loopy C said...

'Anonymous said...hey what happened to the eno shit you had posted before?'

It's now under July's archive page

Loopy C said...

confucius, very interesting post. I have come across these guys in print but not been exposed to the 'vibe' proper. Man, it took me back to those 'heady' days of my own forays into organic hallucinogens, music in the wild, and altered time.

Have gotten up to Vol. 6, but have had to keep up a regimen of spraying around the speakers with antifungal! (time-aligned monitors are sensitive to these kind of sensory distorted compositions)

Overall, a very nice 'dripping' of artifacts ;-)

Loopy C said...

cagedream, intriguing blog you have. I will take some time to browse it today.

Lucky said...

hello, zhao aka confucius,

as i can't e-mail you, i'll hope to reach you here:

maybe it was a bad habit to post the M.M. BEFORE YOU DID - i told you in the mail i sent you, that it's a personal gift and you can do with it what you want! but i don't want to wait till rs kills it - and as i saw, that there were zero downloads for 'no idea' and i don't got a reply from you - so i thought, the mail i sent to you probably just vanished in the junk mail bin!

never mind, L.

Max said...

I really enjoy your blog & this was a fantastic post--thanks!

Pink Burrito said...

Great Stuff... I had problems with Vol. 9 saying that the file was not found... I tried several times and kept getting the same error...

thanks again

zhao said...

Mr. or Ms. Pink Burrito, when you copy the link into a browser there is a space in front of _End.

if you delete this space the rapidshare robot will locate the file for you no problem.


labor&curse said...

a great collection indeed--- thanks!

bubba said...

Any chance you could upload the Muons again, please? Link seems not to be working.

Fantastic post, getting rare CD-R stuff like this out there.

amanda said...

this is a gold mine! but the links don't work anymore. could to please please please post them again??

Allan said...

Wow! A gold-mine indeed! Any chance these could be re-posted? I'd love to hear them.

will said...

please consider re-uploading these... i bought a few of these back when they came out, the packaging was exquisite...

Rsmithy said...

Thanks for all the great music posted, i've found some real gems on you're blog. Can you please re-upload these?


Eric said...

yeah, i want a re-upload too! :) if you had'nt posted these albums i wouldn't even know them.

Anonymous said...

could you remove these for now? we are reissuing them on Porter Records later this year.

thank you,
Jewelled Antler

Ryan said...

I was going to request a re-up, but then I read the Jeweled Antler post! Now I'm crazy excited that they'll be back in print again! I'm always torn on the logic of limited releases, so I can't wait to hear these from actual cds rather than compressed files. Anyways, different waters, thanks for an absolutely killer blog.

Anonymous said...

Links mentioned in the blog post are dead! Please, update!