studio mix - Operator [THE REAL ONE]

apologize again for mistakingly posting SUBMARINE as OPERATOR. I will make sure to double check all files in the future. but this is the correct Operator mix, in all its foot-stomping, ass-jiggling glory.

this glitched up and teched out banger hits the ground running and rocks steady for the entire duration. moving from techno, electro, to house stompers, things get increasingly hype and just when the tension is thicker than you thought possible - the serious killers arrive. look no further for total delivery on abstract 4 to tha floor minimalist G-funk.

artists include Ark, DJ Hell, Hakan Lidbo, 2 Lone Swordsmen, Stewart Walker, etc.

taking someone's advice, this version is 1 single 73 MB mp3 file, to avoid the annoying little gaps between tracks on mp3 players.


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