Invalid Objects [out of print editions]

Ekkehard Ehlers | this
PITA | break
Scanner | case
Stephan Mathieu | in
Steve Roden | fore

"The invalidObject Series was established in 2000 as a sublabel of Fällt to release a finite series of twenty four 3"CD/.mp3 releases. Offering a unique perspective on a diverse range of musical output at the turn of the millennium the Series features work by some of the most respected artists operating within the field of '.microsound'. Each 3" CD is housed in a full-size clear jewel-case with two-colour (Pantone metallic and black) packaging and limited to 250 copies only."

an excellent collection of audio sculptures, lowercase sound works, and minimalist electronic music - all the composers contribute varied, thoughtful, formally and conceptually cohesive and sometimes thematic works. due to the format - fifteen 1 minute tracks (consistent for all editions) - a lot of fun can be had with the random shuffle function.

presented here for download are 5 out of print volumes from the 24 volume series:


the other ones, by some favorite names in this genre (you all have posters of these guys up on your bedroom walls, right?), can be purchased from http://forcedexposure.com (search for fallt and the 3" discs are in this series)

for current Fallt recordings, downloads, and other projects - www.fallt.com


S.C. said...

Hey, thanks for such a marvellous blog! :)

Would it be possible for these splendid releases to be reuploaded please? i'd love to hear them!

thanks, Simon

Eleni said...

Hi, could you please,please to repost it? Thanks in advance !!

Eric P said...

Yes, repost pleas!