studio mix _ Submarine (electronic)

a sub-aquatic weave of instrospective, minimalist pulses, this other-worldly mix navigates the less traveled realms of left-field electronica and oceanic dub-techno. moving with determination and clarity of mind, guided by a logic both alien and intuitive, Submarine is sparse by design, yet rich in tonality.

this list of artists was made in hindsight, may not be accurate, and is missing a few entries (if anyone can help me correct the mistakes and fill in the blanks it would be appreciated).

01 Soft Pink Truth
02 Komet
03 ???
04 Jan Jelinek
05 Farben
06 Pheek
07 Andrew Pekler
08 Stewart Walker
09 Spiess, Peter F.
10 Thomas Brinkmann
11 ??? / Swim label
12 Closer Music
13 ???
14 CheckSum
15 ø
16 Taylor Deupree
17 ø
18 Gramm
19 ???
20 Gas
21 ø
22 ??? / Scape label
23 Aphex Twin
24 Thomas Koner

79 Minutes / 160 kbps / 91.2 MB



Heinrich Mahler said...

OH NO, Mr. C, I come home tonight from night of looking at paintings, and I see you have new mix up, one my motherboard is crying for! Yes, the mix before is hectic, you are right, good for riding, for pushing through mean streets of heat and concrete, and Feldman is good for flowing through one and onto paper, to coalesce into the paint. Now, I see this new mix, and must put a few megabytes out on porch to make room for this! I can tell, I will be standing on ancient far shore when I listen to this! Thanking you for the future,

Anonymous said...

hi , interesting blog ... but lots of links are expired .... could you "re-up" this one please ..?