studio mix _ Road Kill (grime)

this one delivers some seroius kicks, is not for the weak, and might be useful as an introduction to the genre, which I do believe is the most exciting urban sound in the 21st century. for those who don't know about Grime yet: imagine super-aggressive MC's shouting in thick Cockney accents over slammin lo-fi beats and electronic melodies - some have referred to the sound as a combination of hiphop, 2-step garage, jungle, techno, and dancehall.

Road Kill contains a few tracks from the few big releases available in the US (Dizzee, Wiley, Kano) but mostly from an awesome collection of tunes spanning 2003 - 2005 a friend from London graciously hooked me up with (for all I know he literally bought them from the trunk of some dude's car).

with Grime you can't do much in terms of tricked out mixing back'n'forth and layering (just wait until you hear the other mixes ;) but it is still pretty much "seamless" or atleast flows along well, and with some serious thought to the track programing.

boom, boom, brrrrrrrrrrrap!


and for those of you who hate Rapidshare:


Sorry this has taken soooooo long... here is an incomplete artist list - some of the stuff I used were not labeled from the beginning so I'm afraid the holes are there to stay... if anyone out there knows who the missing tracks are... by all means!

01 intro
02 Kano
03 Wiley
04 Bruza
05 Roll Deep Crew
06 Footsie and D. Double. E
07 ???
08 ???
09 ???
10 ???
11 Dilemma MC
12 ???
13 Kano
14 Dizzee Rascal
15 Roll Deep Crew
16 Pelo & DJ Pele
17 Dizzee Rascal
18 The Streets
19 The Ends
20 ???
21 ???
22 Aylesbury Allstars
23 ???
24 Major Ace, MC Luck, MC Neat
25 Lady Soverign
26 Lady Soverign
27 ???
28 ???

hope this helps a bit?


Heinrich Mahler said...

Mr. C (aka 12-6-15)- I'm liking the grime! More hectic than my usual studio ambience, but has layers of sinister suggestions that intone positively upon my ears and brain....particular tracks that stand forward are #'s 5, 6, 10, 15, 25 & 26 (for supreme female saucy level), and 27 & 28. The appeal to me comes sooner with slower groove, but that is just me, old-fashioned in some ways. Also, want to point you in direction of other goldmines, possibly you have visited, if not, they are real thing, no fool's gold>
http://jazzpourtous.blogspot.com/ (if you love the Blue Note)
http://swen.antville.org/ (always good w/diversity)
and last but not least, possibly best radio show in world (in Russia!!):

zhao said...

ya mon. shit is hectic. shit is real. it's purely rockin material; may be better for the ride than the studio.

when I'm working it's strickly Morton Feldman type headspace. no one shouting in my ears please! :)

danka danka for the feedback! danka danka for the linkzzzz!

jazzpourtous I can barely keep up with... but luckily I'm only interested in about 1/8 of the things they post, and of those I choose the crucial ones...

mr. bassie said...

hey man,

I just found this blog. I love grime and I loved this mix, but can you put up a tracklisting?

biscuit said...

hey confucius - very cool, this! but the tracks have no tags, so I don't know what I'm listening to ... without a tracklist, my introduction to grime is kinda not gonna go anywhere. how about it?


zhao said...
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zhao said...

yo! I will get the tracklisting together and put it up as soon as my hektik work schedule will allow. you have my word. cheers

Anonymous said...

??? mix ur style bruh