Riddims Tropicale, EXIT, and Fusion

TONIGHT 04, JULY 8-10PM (Berlin Time) dj zhao on Riddims Tropicale set and interview streaming LIVE.

NEXT WEEK 09-10, JULY i will be rocking 2 sets on Friday and Saturday night at a little festival called EXIT in Novi Sad, Serbia, where some chick named... Missy Elliot is playing. there's also a bunch of obscure shit like... Ricardo Villalobos? Chemical Brothers? Faith No More? Plastician? Dj Zinc? Atari Teenage Riot? whatever.

LAST WEEK Fusion Festival was pretty good, but 3rd year in a roll and they gave me a difficult time slot: 7-10AM Friday morning. at 7AM after all night dubstep including Mala the crowd had significantly thinned already, and by the time i finished at 10 there were only about a dozen or 2 hardcore party people left, who continued to dance and cheer until the very end.

end of Mala's set:

by the time i was ready to go on:

at the end, 10AM, when i eventually admitted defeat in the fight against the Sun...

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