bankolo miziki 1 & 2

original Congolese Rumba sound: the sweetest music in the world. tracklisting on back covers: volume 1 / volume 2.

thanks to Bolingo69 for the original. here both volumes together reupped on mediafire.


Anonymous said...


You were wrong, we were right.

zhao said...

er.... WTF but ok.

i assume by "us" you mean the liberal obama supporters? and by "you" you mean the obama haters?

i personally was happy that he was elected, as it represented a welcoming change, but never for 1 second bought the messianic hype, and reserved doubts as to his ultimate allegiances.

so i was not "wrong" about Obama, OR the amazingness of this music you should be listening to.

owlqaeda said...
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zhao said...

mega thanks for this owltastic soukous! i'm going to leave your comment up if it's OK? i like the idea of more people randomly stumbling upon a pile of gold in lil nooks around the interwebs :)

more later, i'll be hollerin at ya...