too much winter lethargy we need some E-N-E-R-G-Y. Killamu’s full length album is coming out TODAY January 12. here is a short mix by BBRAVE, "squeezes the album’s potency into a 30 minute set of pure 140bpm Angolan batidas…" soundcloud or download.


fritz the cat said...

Hey, that's much better than the cheesy house from SA you seem so excited about :-)


zhao said...

haha fritz... truth is there was a time i might have agreed with that. not making a comparison but there was a time when i thought Louis Armstrong was cheesy... but honestly that SA house is my favorite sound right now. helping to put together proper compilations of it for European release, playing it a lot, etc. i mean some of it is so out there and next level in terms of sound, ryhthm and arrangement don't you think?? i don't ask you to see what i see or feel what i'm feeling, but maybe just to keep an open mind...

cheers man