ABQ Trio

uncompromising new improvised music from what appears to be a new band with electronics, piano, violin, etc. electro-acoustic soundscapes and sick sick piano, broken violin heart strings and music boxes of the apocalypse. is it me or are more and more post-jazz improvisers and electro-acoustic people warming to, flirting with, making use of electronic beats? i think it can be very interesting to marry these 2 opposite aesthetic tendencies (or at least traditionally delineated as such) which involve diametrically opposed procedural philosophies: the "live" and unpredictable world of improvisation and that of the "soul-less" drum machine. has to be of course judged case by case and in this one i think it is a fruitful combination - that first track is a monster... if i was a lazy (read: underpaid) music journalist i would say the Necks jamming with Throbbing Gristle.
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