2010 sneak peek

a few examples of new mashups and re-edits i have been playing out for 6 months or so. been getting good response on the dance floor -- getting closer to what i really want to do with this DJ thing: infiltrate the club with unorthodox sounds and reconnect modern dance music with its ancient roots - all in service of the booty-shake, but something a little more than frivolous fun (with which there is of course nothing wrong). some magic moments during the course of the night, something different, playful or serious, but unexpected... why not a bit of real JOY or real SADNESS at the dance? instead of ONLY the kind of functionalism typical of today's club parties? are we not here to celebrate ALL aspects of life?

good bass music and innovative beats but then all of a sudden Malian melodies arise and bring rays of sunshine. or heavy steppas riddims rolling nice and out of nowhere a mournful Andalusian voice plunges the party into hypnotic reverie. making the strange familiar and the familiar strange... insurrectionary penetration of consensus reality by the other? a feeling and compositional dynamic not unlike the appearance of aliens in James Cameron films (thinking of the Abyss, which we just saw again)...

before i make everything available for download there is some time for changes and editing. so please do click on the wave forms and let me know your thoughts... happy holidays everyone.

Africa Sanza Oma Vovo by djzhao

Nduraga Ngwetereire Over the Horizons by djzhao

Bocarriba Terminator by djzhao

Schoch Va Gado Tough Guy Music by djzhao

Itimad Smog by djzhao

Contemplation Dyed Dark by djzhao

Ramta Jogi Manbass by djzhao


Vince said...

Hello Differentwaters. Sorry if this is the inappropriate place to ask this, but I've been trying to locate Giacinto Scelsi's more ambient works like Konx-Om-Pax, or Uaxuctum. Do you know where I could buy/download these? Please email me at Nintendevil@Gmail.com


EmptyK said...

great tracks! and I love the blog as well. Any plans to make to NYC in the near future?