Wax Treatment

went to this last sunday night:

and it was completely mad. best night right now in Berlin probably.

by the way i talked to Marcus last time and that set which i thought was new Rhythm and Sound material was actually the meticulous and impeccable selection of DJ Shed...


Anonymous said...

Damn, zhao, I am jealous! This sounds wicked!!

"...taking the classic warm and deep sound in new directions, ragga, dubstep, jungle -- properly done though, firmly rooted in the basic channel tradition" - Are you SERIOUS!?! My god. I would have been in heaven.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

SA said...

Aaah, Berlin nights.

SA said...

Further -I find out today the new Ike Yard 10" and album will soon go to ahem, Dubplates & Mastering -
the Basic Channel' guy's studio.
Wicked !

zhao said...

wicked indeed. that extra berlin warmth for your record nice!

SA said...

And it does sound damn great !